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Found 22nd Jun 2009
Hi All,

Haven't done online grocery shopping in a long time, & there's always one thing I keep getting wrong....

When you add a BOGOF offer to your basket, do you add 1 or 2 items? Or, 'buy one add one free' as they call it. So if I place 1 item in my basket, will I get delivered the 1 AND free item automatically? Or, do I have to place 1, then manually add the free one?

Also, the discounts don't seem to show up right away, or reflect in the total. So I'm having to add items greater than £100 (for the free del), then minus all the discounts while ensuring the total doesn't dip below £100 - all in my head.

Why do they make it so confusing? Or, is it only ME ?!!

Any help appreciated :-))

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Thanks very much tinkerbell28

If you know all this from la la land, which land am I in :p?
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