Sainsbury's hacked?

Posted 21st Apr 2018
Had an email :

We know people sometimes attempt to fraudulently access customer data.
Fortunately at Sainsbury’s we have processes and systems in place to
protect our customers.

It’s possible someone has attempted to access your groceries online
account. As a precaution, we’ve locked this account and, to be extra
safe, may have locked other accounts you hold with Sainsbury’s, such as
Tu Clothing, Argos and Nectar.

To unlock your account(s), all you need to do is reset your password(s). Please do not use the same passwords.

For added security we will also be sending you a replacement Nectar card
which you should receive within the next 14 days, if you hold a Nectar

Your current Nectar card will be locked and you will be unable to redeem
any points until you have received your replacement card. We’d like to
reassure you all previously earned Nectar points will be transferred to
your new card and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

It’s also a good idea to think about whether your old password is in use on any of your other accounts and change these as well.

Kind regards

Sainsbury’s Customer Service Team
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Ring them if you’re not sure. Lots of emails atm for data protection cause of new EU law. But better safe than sorry
I didnt get one, maybe a little unlucky
i always put in junk, then block to verify sender if unsure
If you use same password on other sites you should consider changing them too. Perhaps from a device that you don't usually use in case you've got a virus etc.
its more likely that someones trying to login using your details.
davewave21/04/2018 17:31

I didnt get one, maybe a little unlucky

I love being unlucky.
fanpages21/04/2018 19:51

@zworld seems to have more than his fair share of it:[ …@zworld seems to have more than his fair share of it:[ ]

Yeah, some bad luck but then...
deeky21/04/2018 19:53

Yeah, some bad luck but then...

....every car has a silver lining.
fanpages33 m ago

....every car has a silver lining.

Yeah, ended up with a new car and then someone hit my Audi from the back :@
No one ever did that to my old turd.
someone has most likely cross referenced you from same email and password from another website that your login was hacked for, spreading this without checking can be very damaging to a companies reputation, like others said change every account password every couple of months, nobody expects to keep different password for everything thats too much of a pain in the butt, but yea
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