Sainsbury's launch Vegan butter - tastes just like the real thing but all plant based

Posted 5th Jul 2018
Following on from last week when I posted about Sainsburys exclusively stocking the plant based mince and burger patties, they have now extended the range and are now offering vegan butter as well.

Naturli organic vegan spreadable is entirely plant based and is meant to taste very creamy and buttery. It launched in Denmark last year and people were raving about it and in won The World Food Innovation Award and Danish Vegan Society’s Vegan Product of the Year.

Its made from rape seed, coconut, shea nuts and almonds to give it a proper buttery creamy taste unlike the other plant based spreads it's not soya based.
Comes in a 225g pack and is available on line and instores now.
Their tag line is "Plants are the new black"


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April 1st has passed also Margarine has been around for years
_Rappy_5th Jul

April 1st has passed also Margarine has been around for years

Well said!
i regularly eat vegetarian and vegan products, they are lovely, but i have never had one that truely tastes like the real product.
Introductory lesson in PR, and fake statement, " tastes just like the real thing."
...don't tell them what we did behind the scene and the residual.
If I was to make a carrot out of sirloin, could I call it rabbit food?
As I suspect not, how the fly duck can you make Vegan butter. Butter is derived from an animal product, not a fluffing cellulose based product. Unless of course you factor in to coo ate grass.
I have actually tried both this and the 'block' (the alternative to pure butter, whereas this is the alternative to spreadable butter). It is far and away the best tasting vegan spread available in the UK, IMO. It genuinely does taste like butter. But cleaner. The butter block is more like dairy butter than Lurpack (or any other brand of this type) spreadable. It is certainly not the same thing as margarine. And, of course, both are cholesterol free, like all products made from plants, rather than animal products.
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