Sainsbury's 'Nectar Prices' (Now live!)

Posted 4th Apr 2023
Update 2
Sainsbury's has today , the 21st June, expanded its Nectar Price discounts to include fresh produce and ready meals for the first time.
Update 21st June

Sainsbury's has today expanded its Nectar Price discounts to include fresh produce and ready meals for the first time.

Some of the new discounts customers with a Nectar card will see include Sainsbury’s Strawberries for £1.75 instead of £2.25, as well as Easy Peelers for £1 instead of £1.35.

Other products that are now part of Nectar Prices are Sainsbury’s Best of British apples for 85p instead of £1.70, as well as Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Jersey Royal Potatoes for £1.50, down from £3.

The ready meals Nectar card holders will find discounted include Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Fish Pie which costs £3.75 instead of £4.25, and Sainsbury’s Chicken Tikka Masala, down to £3.75 from £4.25.

Shoppers can also get lower prices on some branded ready meals, such as Wasabi Chicken Katsu Curry with Rice which costs £3.75 instead of £4.25 and Charlie Bigham's Lasagne, which is £7 down from £9.50.

The expansion today means some 18 million shoppers with a Nectar card can now get lower prices on over 2,800 products in stores


Hi folks, just some insider info from one of our hotukdeals members (Thanks 'Dave') that Nectar Prices will be coming to all stores and online very shortly. Currently it's being trialed in selected stores, in Wales, but Sainsbury's will be expanding this to all* stores/online, as it looks like, at least Sainsbury's terms, it's been a success.

Nectar Pricing is going to be 'similar' to the likes of Tesco Clubcard, more information below. Once the full info is out there, like via a press release, i'll update.

Some information coming in already

''My Nectar Prices is a new pricing proposition that offers digital Nectar customers all-year-round access to a unique set of discounts on products handpicked for them.''


So when will this all start?

From the information i have, you should start seeing offers online from Saturday 8th April, for those choosing delivery slots commencing from 11th April. Instore from 11th April also.

You'll see a Nectar price label next to said item(s).

Update 11/04, deals already starting to land and launching with some strong offers (Thanks to all members for posting)

Dr Pepper / Fanta Orange 18 x 330ml - £6 (Nectar Price)

Diet Coke / Diet Coke Caffeine Free 24 Pack £7.50 (Nectar Price)

Nescafé Gold Blend Instant Coffee 200g with Nectar card - £4

Pringles 200g (various flavours) - £1.25 (Nectar price)

Ariel All-in-1 Pods Washing Liquid Capsules Original / Color 39 Washes - £5.00 with Nectar Card

Coca Cola Zero Sugar 24x330ml £5 with Nectar Card

Will this be in all stores?

Usual 'big stores' and online but not in *convenience stores

Can colleagues stack their discount, in addition to the Nectar pricing?

Yes they will be able to but usual exclusions apply

Can nectar points still be half when buying items included in Nectar prices?

Yes, points can still be earned but usual exclusions

What are nectar prices?

Nectar Prices is a new pricing proposition that offers digital Nectar customers all-year-round access to a unique set of discounts on products handpicked for them.

Will/are they available for physical and digital customers?

Yes, Nectar registration isn't required to receive Nectar prices BUT customers will need to register their physical/digital card(s) to spend points and collect bonus points.

Is there a name change?

Yes. Sainsbury's are renaming My Nectar Prices to Your Nectar Prices, this differentiates between the Nectar prices in-store from the personalised prices shoppers get on their favourite products, when using smartshop.

What about special offers?

Promos, which are currently named as 'special offers' will eventually be phased out by the new Nectar Prices (Time frame TBA)


Some further info on the Welsh trial

''Sainsbury's has confirmed that during the trial customers will still be able to take advantage of My Nectar Prices, providing shoppers with personalised discounts on the products they love and regularly purchase when they checkout through Sainsbury's easy to use self-scanning service, SmartShop. Customers can also continue collecting bonus points through the Sainsbury's weekly points offers available through the Nectar app.

Director of Nectar, Sam Burston, said: "We're constantly looking for new ways to offer our customers more value, which is why we're trialling Nectar Prices. We hope that customers will find it helpful, and we look forward to hearing their feedback."

In addition to great offers at Sainsbury's, customers can also collect Nectar points every time they shop online via at almost 300 leading retailers.

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  1. jamie15's avatar
    Awful news, adding an extra step to get the same discounts as before, but just with data gathering added into the mix. When Tesco started this the defenders loved to say shop elsewhere, it's optional, "free" to sign up etc.. but now everyone is following suit and people are running out of option, this is becoming industry standard. The Aldi boss is the only one who seems resistant to this. (edited)
    Dan_82's avatar
    Dan_82 Author
    That's a fair reply and you're right, seems like ALDI are the only Supermarket who want nothing to do with this type of 'offer' as ASDA, Morrisons, Tesco and others have their own 'rewards scheme' or system.

    Hopefully ALDI see it as a 'win' and look to drive more custom to their store(s) as their online offerings are ending at the end of 2023, see here , which could include groceries. (edited)
  2. jase.2's avatar
    It’s nothing like Clubcard pricing op , as all tesco do is make you scan the card to get the SAME offer prices you used to get without a clubcard

    my nectar prices actually gives you pricing that is never the red ticket price in a Sainsbury’s store so it’s much much better than Tesco Clubcard prices 
    Russ2626's avatar
    It's basically the same thing. People that don't scan their clubcard / use nectar scan and shop don't get any discount and are effectively being overcharged.

    Offers like this used to be available to everyone at the same time but are now "exclusive"

    49917756-yRUci.jpg (edited)
  3. DannyOcto's avatar
    Hate this discriminatory pricing method of pushing you to hand over more data. Might have to shift shopping to Aldi. I already tend to avoid Tesco currently.
    tiberious's avatar
    No need to give any data if you don't want to my friend - you can pick up a nectar card in-store and not register it or give any info at all if you don't want to - just show it at checkout and you will get the new " nectar prices". Simples.
  4. Mooney_70's avatar
    These nectar price offers are in addition to the offers you get with your smart shop app. So those who use a nectar card but don't bother with the smart shop app will just get the nectar prices. Personally, I find the smart shop app pretty decent with the lower prices and bonus point offers on the things you regularly buy. So these nectar prices are an added bonus. If they are on things you buy already. (edited)
  5. bhaskarsa's avatar
    how is it different to nectar prices i use with the smartshop handset in store ?
    DeanoNI's avatar
    Seems to be like Tesco clubcard prices. Rather than personalised deals like we get now with my nectar prices,this seems to be a wider application of the scheme. Presumably every card holder gets the same deals with this.
  6. bhaskarsa's avatar
    good example of nectar prices with smart shop

  7. Gollywood's avatar
    The Nectar App is woeful. I have to login in to it every 2nd or 3rd time I use it. And it's not a straightforward process.

    Sign in, username/password, tell them how many traffic lights I can see.

    Really pees me off.
    jeczap's avatar
    Edit : just looked and it seems the SmartShop app only gives me nectar offers on some of my recent purchases
    So, yeah... nectar app is a POS

    @GollywoodI have the same issues with the nectar app - I use the SmartShop app which stays signed in to Nectar and allows you to load Nectar offers, scan barcodes whilst shopping and use the (less busy) self scan checkout (edited)
  8. Joeymx's avatar
    Ice cold. With the cost of living crisis this is forcing people to part with their data to get reasonable prices on food.

    From experience with Tesco there is a 20% mark up at least on your big shop if you opt out.

    It should be banned by Government as aggressive data collection practice.

    Vote with your wallets and shop elsewhere.

    Edit: spelling (edited)
    tiberious's avatar
    Not correct my friend - you can pick up a nectar card in-store and not register it or give any info at all if you don't want to - just show it at checkout and you will get the new " nectar prices". Simples.
  9. JesusChristFenton's avatar
    I hate this NA trend that's started appearing in the UK. So now unless you're a member of that store, you're basically paying extra of the majority of items you buy.
    gledster's avatar
    That's exactly how I see it.

    They're hiding price increases for the 'average' customer, behind a curtain that says "Jump through these hoops and we won't screw you quite as badly with the prices".

    It's so utterly cynical and I hate it.

    But the "collect points for rewards" mentality is baked into our society now through decades of marketing, so I can see lots of people on here and elsewhere going "well, I like it as I saved 50p off this item this week".

    You shouldn't have to wait for the marketing department to decide "Cherry Coke will be on discount this week". If the supermarkets can afford to discount it in exchange for beeping a card, they can discount it for everyone.
  10. Leard's avatar
    They aren't introducing new discounts. They're copying Tesco and just ensuring that the discounts they do already are locked behind a Nectar Card.
    jon81uk's avatar
    So far these actually do seem like better discounts, many of the prices are the lowest they’ve been in months/years. 

    £1.25 for Pringles, £4 for Gold Blend, £5 for 24 Coke Zero are all lower than other retailers current offers. .
  11. andrewa1966's avatar
    Nescafe Gold blend at £4 for 200g, not been that low for ages
  12. Maetras's avatar
    Nooooooo I hate this! Noooo I don’t want to have to carry a card or open the app. Extra steps. Extra waiting in queues as people faff about.

    I can barely scan my clubcard at tesco. I have to try multiple times (edited)
    jon81uk's avatar
    Newer Tesco Clubcard can be tapped on the contactless reader. 
  13. itschris's avatar
    These schemes are so insulting to customers. At a time when the cost of living is so disproportionately high it's a horrid move that has absolutely no benefit whatsoever for the customers and several downsides.

    At the very least they should be forced to show the cost per unit for both prices because at the moment they only seem to show it for the higher price which is ridiculous.
  14. james76's avatar
    Shameful practice for short term gain. Snare customers whilst collecting personal information on all your spending. Now they know where you live, what you buy and when you buy, and if you object then price discrimination means you pay more.
    Once all supermarkets do this there is no point to it whatsoever from a the customer perspective. Don’t even get me started with regards to our elders who have more modern day changes to contend with.
    tiberious's avatar
    You won't have to sign up for anything if you don't want to - just pick up a nectar card in-store or download the app, but don't register it. You will get "nectar prices" and accumulate points, just won't be able to use the points ( unless you register)
  15. alpha232's avatar
    It's annoying that these companies are all getting away with forcing you to sign up to have your data harvested and sold in order to get the same reduced prices you would have gotten before
    _g_'s avatar
    * More of your date harvested. They can already follow payments etc to some degree.
  16. Grazz0r's avatar
    So in other words the standard prices will significantly increase price while the "nectar prices" only see a slight increase in price.
    countrybumpkin's avatar
    Spot on
  17. jimbo23's avatar
    I noticed this has kind of gone down hill lately. It used to be on things you mostly buy, now it maybe somethings you bought once upon a blue moon. For example: My friend is diabetic and this weeks list consists of doughnuts, Haribo star mix, cola because he bought them once upon a time for his niece and nephew.
    jon81uk's avatar
    This is a new offer different to MY Nectar prices.
  18. mrme's avatar
    I’d also agree that the my nectar prices are often better than the red ticket prices. In some cases, the special price is a discount on a red ticket price eg cheese purchased a week ago on offer at £3 is available through the app for £2.18 this week. The regular price is £4.50.

    The prices are generally on items I actually want and it’s well worth going on a Friday to take advantage of the previous weeks prices in addition to the new weeks.

    Similar story with MyWaitrose, I always get 50p/£1 off the few items I buy there and that’s quite a discount on an item costing £2~£3

    Tesco offer you nothing special, they really are just after the data in return for what they used to provide everyone regardless. (edited)
    motionwerk's avatar
    Only problem with Waitrose is that you only get 2 vouchers per week and quite often on random items. Sainsbury's smart shop offers are much, much better as they give you serious discount on 8 things you actually bought before.
  19. legodealsmad's avatar
    I have had that on my smart shop for months.. extra 100 points last night on certain products they allocated to me and often cheaper prices on nectar priced items as they do extra points and cash..
  20. D944's avatar
    I'm all in favour of things that give me rewards for jumping through hoops at the cost of others having to pay higher prices for their laziness / techphobia.
    jamesrobertkerr1997's avatar
    What about 90-year-old pensioners that don't own a smartphone? What do you think about them?
  21. RedmanDealer's avatar
    Hiding a lot of offers behind loyalty cards is sneaky and in the case of Tesco highly annoying when using old tills where the discounts are all at the bottom but its also a fact these are promotions and you either accept the conditions or you don't. Generally the "higher" price will be the one charged at independent shops, so maybe its best to shop at those places rather that support the big supermarkets.

    As for privacy concerns, its a problem but I think we're well past that in terms of loyalty cards and this site is probably useless as most offers are online, hard to stay anonymous for your online stuff! The best thing you can do is shop at multiple places and don't rely on a single tech giant so they don't get everything!
  22. PizzaTheHutt's avatar
    £1.25 for pringles full size! Don't think I've seen them that price in supermarkets in a few year. 49949259-8Xme7.jpg (edited)
  23. whoknew's avatar
    As usual the stuff discounted is the stuff you can do without. Like luring children in to a van with sweets.
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    They're getting wise to that. Had to buy a puppy
  24. jamesp87's avatar
    Worst part about these cards you need to be 18 to get one. Not really fair making kids pay full price (inflated so the price looks like an offer)
  25. Ukmandude's avatar
    Had my first sighting of this.

    Usually pay £1 for pasta sauce. It is now £1.50 with this “deal”, or £3 without!
    colb11's avatar
    For the majority of the prices they've increased them and the reduced Nectar price is what you pay normally in Tesco etc. Some products are cheaper.
  26. Stephen_Roscoe's avatar
    Why don't we just e-mail these supermarkets operating the two tier pricing system all our shopping habits. They are gaining access to information on your phone every time you wave it in front of their screens. The worst of it is they make us think they are doing us a big favour and we fall for it.
  27. SirSpanky's avatar
    At least it's not as bad as French supermarkets! There It's a proper minefield of deals where they'll be a big mix of BOGOF, second product X% off, and direct discount, with half being available to everyone and the other half locked behind a loyalty card, normally with very poor labelling!
    dave7's avatar
    Same in USA. Foods already crazy expensive and doubly so for occasional visitors who can't get a loyalty card (no zip code etc etc)
  28. Badgerparade's avatar
    Making shopping too complex. An item should be a single price for anyone that visits the store, not different prices dependent on whether you let them access your data or not. Also doesn't help the elderly or non-tech members of our communities.
    jon81uk's avatar
    You don’t have to register the card if you don’t want the data linked to you.
  29. leeanne123's avatar
    I'm happy to see this - I live 16 miles away from my Sainsburys so always get deliveries rather than going instore, so never get to take advantage of the Nectar Prices.
  30. dj_lloyde's avatar
    I use this app to store all my supermarket cards, means you only need 1 app and you just chose whatever card you in need in each supermarket.
    my-planet's avatar
    If you are an Android user, Google wallet can do this too. It is what I use and make it easier as you can also pay via that at checkout.
  31. JimmyBobby's avatar
    IF it's exactly like Tesco's clubcard price scheme I'm not bothered by it. I use Nectar for Ebay plus I usually scan my nectar card on most visits. I don't really get why people are against it?
  32. gixer599's avatar
    Been around for ages, actually get the discount on items that we buy
    rickmarine's avatar
    No this is new, getting discount on certain items in store and online when using your nectar card. The customer specific Nectar Prices when using the nectar app have been around for ages.
  33. Adam's avatar
    If you're smart you can outsmart nectar / nectar prices. We only shop in Sainsbury's for the items on the nectar prices, it means every 2 weeks or so the same offers roll around again. For example, Sainsbury's Extra Mature cheddar goes down to £2.30, Red Leicester 3.30 for a huge block, milkshakes 1l 75/80p. Compared to elsewhere these are actually priced well. (The card hasn't got enough data to offer us different offers, so cycles through the same few.)
    shu94's avatar
    Haha! That’s exactly what I do! I only shop there every 2 weeks and I’ve stacked sooo many points because of the nectar prices + smart shop offers.
  34. ian18's avatar
    So regular coke is £5, but caffeine free is £7.50!

    We were charged more last week for my nectar prices on mushrooms - was told that we would get a voucher back, but of course it never arrived.
    bozo007's avatar
    The voucher usually appears in the Nectar app for me.
  35. sr_387's avatar
    the only real discount these days is the five finger one.
  36. blans's avatar
    It's all about perception and it sucks. They trying to lure people. Nothing new though. I bet these "super" markets hate hukd
  37. Peterm1000's avatar
    Another app to download or another card to remember to bring... what a pain
  38. dave7's avatar
    Add this to the need (especially in Tesco) to buy several items to get a discount and you're really looking at discrimination against older people and single people. It's all smoke and mirrors anyway, just another marketing trick to fool you and to harvest your data...
  39. haa0518's avatar
    Some cracking deals. Did shopping and saved some money. Happy days
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