Sainsburys new 'Taste the Difference' curry range

    Was looking at the new Noon curry ranges the other day.. thought about trying one, until I saw the price...£4.50 for a 400g microwave veg curry?? Then add rice.. my local takeaway is cheaper !!

    OK I found the coconut rice in the discount zone so picked that up with a paneer kadhai. Yes, it was very nice for a supermarket curry.. all other microwave currys taste insipid except Mumtz.. but Mr noon.. they are too expensive.. If Mumtaz can produce a lip smacking restaurant quality lentil dhal with infused pilau for £2.69.. you as a large scale producer with economies of scale could at least try to compete.

    I notice Noon is also producing some similarly expensive products for Waitrose.


    I know...... BOYCOTT SAINSBURYS!

    Remember, it's Sainsburys that say "taste the difference" - excuse to put price up way more proportionately than the quality

    Ignore all reatailers rubbish claims


    Did you taste the difference?

    Did you ring them to complain only to be told that a refund has to be done instore?

    I hate it when they do that. Doen't get me started on Tescos.
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