Sainsbury's Trialling one hour delivery service... Via bicycle

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Found 27th Sep 2016
As the title suggests, Sainsbury's are trialling a one hour delivery service via a good ol' fashion pedal power. It's been trialed in Wandsworth since June and will be rolled out to tonnes of other postcodes as time goes on. It's a great idea for bits you might have forgotten or need in a hurry and can't get out.

The service is called "Chop Chop" and is accessed via an app of the same name. You can order up to 20 items and it will cost £4.99 for the one hour delivery service. I'm currently only seeing the App on the Itunes store, as another App of the same name is already on there. Once I find it I'll update!

With it getting colder now, I can't help but feel a little sorry for those having to pedal shopping all over the place like Granville. Although I did just order 20 J-J-J-J-Jamaican Ginger cakes.

Info Source Here
iOS Chop Chop

Chop Chop T&Cs



20 cases of beer?

I miss Granville off here in a funny sort of way. I'm sure he's still here though, if only in spirit.

If you're looking in, Hi Granville, I miss you


1 hour subject to accidents.


Be quicker and cheaper just to go to your nearest shop, the corner shop isnt completely dead.

I dont agree with home delivery, too many cars on the road as it is people should get off their bums and walk to the shops, theres a few people in these flats who are endlessly getting deliveries from tesco and so on even tho we got a asda 20 mins up the road thats open 24 hours a day. But at least the vans do multiple deliveries after leaving to depot, this just sounds stupid as you are going to have bikes endlessly peddling back and forth from depot to customer causing increased congestion and accidents.

Error is right they need to get this excess traffic off the road

I wonder how much Sainsburys are paying the bike riders ?
Intresting thread .


I wonder how much Sainsburys are paying the bike riders ? Intresting … I wonder how much Sainsburys are paying the bike riders ? Intresting thread .

If Sainsburys pay peanuts, you know what they will get.

Is this not old news anyway? Have caught a couple on my dashboard cam already.


Yes just Yes
one of the stupidest things ever the PO getting rid of bicycles

The post doesn't mention, it's only for London.

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hippy dave

The post doesn't mention, it's only for London.

Source as in OP "It has been trialled in the Southwest London area of Wandsworth since June, and will be rolled out to 35,699 other London postcodes in due course."
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