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Posted 25th Mar
Firstly let me say i am posting this more for information to others rather than a rant against Sainsbury’s even though i am rather disappointed in them.

After 2 days of calling i managed to get through to Sainsbury’s to try and get on their vulnerable persons delivery list as i am currently undergoing chemotherapy and also have a heart condition following a recent heart attack (really good 12 months) and have been included in the list of people who are highly vulnerable and should isolate for 12 weeks, i am also a Sainsburys customer who normally receives weekly deliveries via an account which is in my wife’s name - and there we have the problem.

According to Sainsbury’s as the account is in her name and she is not ‘vulnerable’ then we cant be added to the list, the fact we are at the same address and the fact she is classed as my carer doesn’t count.

I appreciate that there are people in the same ‘condition’ as me that dont have anyone who can go shopping for them and I wouldn’t want to take a slot that would have been used for them but it does seem harsh that we have to play russian roulette because the account says Mrs rather than Mr.
Incidentally in case anyone is thinking it, we cant simply change the name on the account because then it would be classed as a new account and we still wouldn’t make the list.

Again let me say this is not a ‘poor me rant’ but just a warning to anyone else in a similar situation who hasn’t managed to get through to Sainsbury’s yet.
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Also been trying to get through to them for 2 days. They've locked my account (no idea why) and the only way to unlock it is to call them. But only getting a BT message saying that the networks busy.

I'm in the at risk group, so can't go out for 12 weeks...
I don’t know if it will help, but I managed to open a new Tesco account in my husband’s name as I am also locked out of mine. Delivery slots are as we say like ‘hen’s teeth’ over here but I managed to finally get one for next week.

Also self isolating for 12 weeks with heart problems and husband has a cough we’re not prepared to share with anyone else.

Also, managed to get a milkman to deliver to the front door and the local greengrocer made up an order for delivery yesterday. What started as a rubbish day ended up better than expected.

Take care and I hope things work out for you.
While you are trying to get this resolved you could put yourself on the governments Coronavirus vulnerable person support register. You should be entitled to help with food deliveries. I believe they said they would arrange free food deliveries at first with options to pay later. Good luck & keep yourself safe.…ble
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it took me an hour to get through to Sainsbury's yesterday. the account is in my name but its my husband who is extremely vulnerable with a recent transplant and immune suppressed. The Operator agreed and added my account onto the vulnerable list and told takes 24 hours to complete. This morning i log on and yeah there are delivery slots in my area opened over the next 2 days.

i know its annoying and a long wait but you do clarify to be added onto Sainsbury's list, so do try again.
The thing is a complete shambles on so many levels. They locked my mum out from ordering too.

What on earth was the criteria on deciding if somebody was vulnerable or not? Or has the software failed on epic proportions? Did they use a crystal ball?
There is no option to simply upload proof. Something somebody can just click 'yes' or 'no' to verify.
They disable online chat, e-mail support and direct everybody to one number that you have more chance winning the lottery than getting through.

It also goes through two stages, so IF you can get through the phone system (i.e. It not being engaged, or high demand) you then go to their automatic message which rambles on for ages, and at the end of having to listen to that, it trys to connect you to an agent, which if there is not one available, hangs you up.
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That all seems very time consuming to sort out! I don't use sainsburys as they aren't competitive with others but they should make it easier.
Then again Iceland simply ask you a yes/no question which is rubbish the other way. Still a friend tipped me off on Monday they had slots all day today so was able to get a delivery for this afternoon. Was then able to push my Asda delivery back a week. It's crazy having to do all this when I'm so used to having no problem with food delivery, I rely on it as I'm basically housebound.
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