Sainsbury's will charge 30p for a Bag For Life in England, Wales and Scotland from 15th June

Posted 9th Jun 2022
Just a bit of info really, Sainsbury's state ''This is to support plastic reduction and our Plan for Better''

Sainsbury's Bag for Life prices increase incoming from 20p to 30p and this will come into effect from 15th June.


''we offer reusable ‘bags for life’. These are made of 100 per cent recycled content and are entirely recyclable. So, when they do wear down, we replace them for free, while recycling the old bag to be used again.''

Bag info

What is the Plan for Better

The environmental and social challenges that are facing the world have never been greater. The food we eat, and how that food is produced, sourced, packaged and disposed of has major consequences. By Helping Everyone Eat Better we are committing to play a leading role in offering delicious, affordable food that supports healthy and sustainable diets and helps customers reduce their impact on the planet one plate at a time.

Our Plan For Better sets out our sustainability goals across our whole business, outlining our priority areas of focus, our key commitments and our progress. We have identified areas which matter most to our stakeholders and are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, so that we can make the biggest difference.

Our Plan for Better has three interlocking pillars; Better for you, Better for the planet and Better for everyone.

Full information here
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    If Sainsbury's really care about the planet and people, they should have banned the plastic bags without second thought or at least sell natural bags which help recycle naturally, which Primark does.

    The increase in price for plastic bags are just to cover their losses from the other side of business.
    They do sell natural reusable bags, but those are not recyclable.
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    Should be £3 a bag. No excuse in 2022 if you are doing a basket shop or bigger shop to bring your own bags.
    Yeah but people do forget things sometimes! I always try to bring my own bags, but on the rare occasion I might forget, so £3 is rather harsh.

    If people are never bringing their own bags that's a different matter, but paying out 30p per bag each time, that's soon going to cost them but won't overly penalise the well meaning person who forgets very occasionally.
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    I have a M&S shopping bag, excellent quality
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    60p in Morrison's for a standard bag!
    and 40p for a paper carrier bag.
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    My arse. They're just screwing a gullible public into accepting increased bag prices.
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    Bound to go up i mean we'll all be using less now we can't actually afford to buy anything. Especially in Sainsburys.
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    Need to replace a load of Sainsbury's bags, thanks for the reminder
    I find the strength of the bag to be lower quality compared to Home Bargains, Iceland and Tesco bags.
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    I have a proper reusable bag, more like a tote bag. I even have a Gopuff one (again, more like a tote bag rather than plastic) they gave me free with an order once. Keeping them in my backpack which goes everywhere with me is a lifesaver. Never do I ever have to pay for "reusable" plastic bags now in supermarkets which let's be honest break too easily. Sure they replace them when that happens, but kind of defeats the point of reducing plastic waste having them replaced too often. Not everyone knows about that or can be bothered either to get it replaced (edited)
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    I somehow still manage to buy one every time I go shopping unless I'm going on the way home from work and have my bag.

    I wish more places would do paper bags like iceland do, at least they get ripped up and put in my compost bin after im done using them.
    paper bags manufacture is worse for the environment than plastic, they use a lot of water and need new trees. Reusing plastic is far better than using paper once.
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    fantastic news will be getting refunds for the ones I paid 20 p for earlier, making 10% on all 7 million of them ! I knew they would go up in price so my £1,400,000 investment should earn me £700,000 brill
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    I think they should charge £1 for them and not replace them for free, that will encourage more people to reuse them.
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    People actually pay for bags
    Nah, I just find a garbage bin, take out the plastic bag and throw any garbage in the bin
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    The money has been going towards company profits , not used for the purpose it was meant to originally or now, its all profits now. I think it in the several million per year just sainsburys, earning from bags, its suppose to go to charity, but very little does.
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    I've just got the one bag for life. Been married to her for 10 years and still going strong ❤️.
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    They could charge £25 a bag and people would still think that bringing one from home was slightly less complicated than quantum theory.
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    What kind of a deal is that?
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    Sainsbury ? Greedy ? Nah !
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    Morrisons was 60p . Sometimes you just grab shopping while out . And don’t think to bring a bag . I won’t be going there again.
    Will stick to Aldi and M&S as food quality is far superior and not stupid prices for a bag . The food was awful quality too .
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    They ought to put the price up to £2 a bag to really encourage people to reuse bags and donate the profits to efforts to clean up plastic in the oceans. (edited)
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    Do people not just keep at least a few bags in their car for unexpected trips? Seems the logical thing to do
    This has been me since they introduced the charges. Bags for life in cars, handbags, backpacks and near the door just in case.

    Thought everyone would do the same but I guess not!
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    They should give half the cost back on return, instead of another bag. A lot less would end up in the bin & people might actually collect them (Like people did with the can collecting)
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    Looks like they are trying to find a price level where the majority will be reused rather than discarded after one use. Used to reclaim a few from the bin at work when they were 10p.
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    Sainsbury's Walsall now charges 30p to inflate tyres for the first time since the store opened and are consistently 5p per litre more expensive than ALL other local supermarkets.
    I rang their customer care and they were not interested.
    Lost ALL my future custom!
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    I'd rather struggle carrying my items then pay so much for something I've loads of in cupboard at home or boot of the car
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    Carry a backpack. Job done.
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    I'm all for plastic reduction and have always carried spare bags for years, but look around - do you see hundreds of bags dumped, blowing around the streets? Not really. Get on a plane and fly to Indonesia etc. - that's where you will see casually discarded plastic which ends up in the sea (I know as I lived in the region for years) this is just another form of tax....
    No its a fee to purchase a bag. Bring your own and you don't pay the charge. Nothing like tax.
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    When they don't honour the bag for life anyway... I returned one and they charged me for a new one!!!
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    Question If Morrisons dont use plastic carrier bags for home deliveries what do they use ?
    Answer They still use plastic carrier bags even though you have requested for them not to deliver any groceries to your home with carrier bags as requested on Morrisons online website delivery preference you can't win
    and wait for it they charge you £0.10p per bag even after you have told them not to do so
    Morrisons what is the point, your basicly changing all the rules to suit yourselves with no care for your customers. (edited)
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