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Found 12th Nov 2009
If I start my new job on monday, do you think I will get paid for the 2 weeks from monday (when I start) until the end of the month or do I have to wait until Dec to get paid this 2 weeks? Anyone any idea?

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do you have to work any time in hand?

if you get paid at the end of the month you should get your two weeks pay,unless you have to work a lieu week?then you will get one week....most places have a cut off date for wages usually the week before the pay again you might get a weeks to ask their policy.

guess it depends on the company you work for, just speak to someone in their personnel department and they should be able to tell you
Oh and good luck with the new job :thumbsup:

I would think that'll be very difficult to answer as there's lots of variation between companies

If you were to work where I do, you'd get paid for the 2 weeks basic salary at the end of Nov and any overtime would be paid on top of December's basic salary

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Ok thanks everyone. I wont have the contract for another week, there is no overtime.

Completely depends, in my current position I started on the 1st of the month and got paid for the entire month on the 21st.

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I assume that I will get paid for what I work this month end of Nov, then what I work Dec end of Dec and so on! I hope anyway

If it's a decent job and one you want I wouldn't bother asking about pay the minute you start. Just wait and see and accept it as it is.

our cut off date is the end ov month and we get payed on 15th so anyone who started on 1st of nov would get 6 wks wages on 15th december.
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