Sale at local social club, extremely cheap items

    Theres a sale on today at the local football and social club, claiming to be selling ps3s for 99quid, xbox 360s for 65, 42" plasmas for 99, laptops for 40quid etc

    now i know most probably theres a catch to all of this, but has any1 had any experience with these type of events before i go? dont want to get caught out and stung

    thanks jamie


    is it a police auction by any chance?


    yeah, just be careful, some of these are known to be scams, wasnt there a thing where people where buyng and when they got home and opened box there wasnt what they thought would be in there

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    the advert in the paper didnt have a buisness name contact details or anything, and there was nothing to mention it being a police auction

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    another thing, the advert said all sales will be cash only. think its going to be some kind of auction/scam



    its probably a lockin auction THESE TV'S AND LAPTOPS ARESOLD TO MEMBERS … its probably a lockin auction THESE TV'S AND LAPTOPS ARESOLD TO MEMBERS OF THE TEAM DONT GO!

    yeah they con you into buying cheap tat razors etc. dont go.

    I wouldn't bother!

    I went to one once, just to get a DVD player!

    They make you buy a 'ticket' - Mine was a disposabe camera for a fiver! This is to show that you are now eligable to take part.

    They then show you lots of stuff and start off the bidding - they start auctioning off rubbish stuff - cheap electronics items made in Timbucktoo....they then try to sell you a ticket for £20 which then makes you eligable to start bidding on a particular item....this could be a laptop or a really, you may as well go out and buy it from a shop!

    Thats about all I can remember, but just don't bother with it!!!
    I think I ended up spending about £60 for a camera,cheap necklace & a handheld games thing....all I wanted was a DVD player...of which I had to go to them at the end and explain to them thats what I was there for!

    Do not go to this. Just a big fiddle, They lock you in, have bouncers on the door, take any cameras off you, Dont let u use your mobile cameras either.

    The so called bargains are few and far between and won by plants in the audience,
    One of the cons is everyone gets to buy a "lucky bag" which contains sh*te, cheap tacky rubbish that
    might add up to about 2 quids worth yet costs you 20 quid.
    When the proper bidding starts any item you win is boxed up and your not allowed to open on site,
    Again usually broken,faulty or a different item than what you ordered.
    Also you cant get back in when youve left to complain.
    I know a lot of people scammed by these poeple out of a good few quid.
    Last time they were in town (aintree racecourse)
    I recieved the flyer and made sure everyone locally knew not to go.
    (still a few neighbours went and got fleeced.
    They give you a sort of recipeit incase you need a refund, but the number to call is like a premium
    number and you never get through. So you are on hold for 10 minutes costing you like 4 quid,
    another few pound down the drain.

    There's another type of scam also seen- and its more likely to be the one advertised, seeing as it's a social club booking rather than a private shop (social club will have staff there, so the bouncer routine is harder to implement and the social club secretary won't want a scam going on so would prob be forced to close it down).
    Basically the scam is they sell things like a 32" lcd cheap- say £350- making a big point about how some cost £600+ so you think you're getting a bargain- but as the newspaper report on one of these back in Morecambe before I moved down found, every bargain was available cheaper in town- the tellys etc were proper Asda brands, so you could get one for £200 in Asda. A clever scam in that they are breaking no rules- everyone gets what they paid for, it's just they've been talked into overpaying by the promotion of the items.

    Nobody- no company, no individual- would sell PS3s at £99, returns, ex repair, or anything. They'd stick them on ebay and get £250 each.

    police auctions, "hidden" auctions are all scams. They rip your money apart and you would waste time and money - better spent HERE in hotukdeals! No support is provided, phone numbers are fake and premium and so on. Even worse is of those "car" auctions. God knows how much money is lost.

    ]check this out. i think this will help you decide whether to go or not!


    ]check this out. i think this will help you decide whether to go or not!

    Thanks for that, very interesting :thumbsup:

    Hope the OP didn't get scammed!

    yeah was about to post the real hustle as well, but couldnt find the vid. Lol!
    The real hustle is an interesting watch. Try those "proposition" bets haha

    I'd do anything that Jessica-Jane Clement asked me to.... although i've noticed she's been dropped down in the credits of the latest series, wonder why?

    What a load of doubting Thomas's everyone is.

    OP go and grab yourself a bargain, they are putting you off so that they can grab a bargain themselves.

    I will have a PS3 off you for £150 when you get one.

    lol, buy 100 and set up musthave100ps3s!
    whatever happened to that company?

    Yep, these are a scam, the only decent stuff that appears to be a bargain are sold to staff who are pretending to be customers.

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    yeah i knew what it would be before i went, fortunate enough to have read up on these things over the years, thankfully the sale was cancelled so they must have got caught out somehow

    i know it might be a bit late but for future reference ....i remember one in blackpool and the trick they used to use was they would show you the box of say a playstation 3, and the the speech would come " IVE GOT A PLAYSTATION 3 HERE, IM NOT GONNA ASK FOR 300, NOT EVEN 200, NOT EVEN 150, IM GONNA SELL IT FOR 100 POUNDS. IN THE SHOPS THEY SELL FOR 300 ODD QUID SO GET YOURSELF A BARGAIN.(This bit gets your attention) then they finish off with "RIGHT WHO WILL GIVE ME 100 FOR THIS BOX" now this again is legal because they are not lying they said box at the end, so therfore you are buying a box.

    hope this helps

    Went to one in Leeds quite a few years ago. The star lot was top of the range camcorders. 1 was put up first for £40 and amzingley they selected who got it. Then was told the rest would be due soon. they played this card right to the end of the night when they just finished and dissapeared. This after selling complete rubbish all day for sometimes above retail for refurbished goods. It was just amazing what some people where paying. They get ordinary people to bid against each other, for what turns out to be tatand the good stuff the bidding is always stopped early and awarded to certain people.
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