Sales, are they really worth it?

    Seems to me that sales are a ploy to pull shoppers in.

    Anyone got any genuine bargains in new year / christmas sales?


    It seems like every advert on TV at the moment is for a January sale.

    I've just bought my first house which we should be moving into at the end of January. We've waited to buy the beds, fridge, freezer and washing machine from these sales so hopefully I'll be able to pick up a bargain or two.

    from working in a shop i can tell you that some are genuine bargains.. others are not, i cant remember the rules but for example we had some USB pens delivered to our store about 3 months ago, 1gb, £45 i think they wanted for them (no chance) and low and behold today i was stickering them with some crazy saving of "75% off" or something so the stores inflate their prices in the months coming up to xmas just so they can "slash them".

    Merry xmas all

    Nah, you're right the lad, the sales are for me at least a none event, thanks to this site, i and other's can get better bargains throughout the rest of the year. As has been said on some of the sale threads, the prices have been bumped, and then reduced.
    I guess there are some bargains to be had, but it's 1/2 the batter finding them, let along actually getting your mitts on one

    Yep the sales have been rubbish this year. I think people have wised up over the last few years about saving purchases till the January sales, and equally the shops have wised up by pushing these "huge sales" with non-existant savings in return.

    The only place I've been spending my Christmas money so far has been Amazon Marketplace, which has better than sale prices all year round. Shame there's no quidco.

    You can find some amazing bargains sometimes, but usually a sale means you pay the price the goods should have been before the store hiked up the prices.

    ... just out of interest the most recent price fixing scenario was this: Phones4U Moto V3 black on O2 PAYG - £59.99 regular price (non clearance) - 1 day later (same deal) SALE price £69.99. Go figure!

    Most of it is stuff they have been unable to sell and nobody wants anyway. You do get the odd bargain but they tend to be few and far between.
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