Sales of Goods Act and 'fulfilled by amazon'

Found 18th Nov 2014
Does anyone know what 'fulfilled by amazon' means in terms of the sales of goods act?

Here is a summary of Sales of goods act:

"Your rights are against the retailer – the company that sold you the product – not the manufacturer, and so you must make any claim against the retailer"

In this instance who is the retailer? Amazon or the 3rd party who amazon is fulfilling for?

I spoke with an amazon agent online earlier who stated (unconfidently) that the retailer was the 3rd party, in which case I'll be careful what I buy through amazon in future.
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unsure of raising a claim, usually resolved with one or two emails.. are you saying the seller didnt respond to you and you have escalated this to amazon and they didn't step in to help?
Your contract is with the seller, all that means is amazon are holding the stock in their warehouse. They pack and ship it but the title for the goods remains with the seller until you take possession.

no, I am talking hypothetically. What is the relationship if I purchase a product and a defect occurs.

For example, if amazon are not the retailer in this instance then I won't buy 'fulfilled by amazon' with expense equipment anymore.
Hi Argoj,

Thanks for the reply. I am sure you are correct but if amazon are sending the item from their warehouse and also deal with the 1 year amazon warranty for products through 'fulfilled by amazon', how can they claim to not be the retailer under sales of goods act?
The contract is with the third party seller, not Amazon. So if they offer a shorter warranty, or tell you to return it to an overseas country at your expense, then that is what you will sign up to, hypothetically. I'm not legally trained in any way, so this is just my opinion.
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For returns reasons I always buy off Amazon or it is fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon only give refunds for fulfilled orders but Amazon themselves you get a refund or replacement. Third party only i Never buy for over year. I used to didn't need to return tho.

Don't know if this is still the case as it is from 2013 but read this as well:

Amazon Marketplace purchases not covered by Consumer Credit ActIf you pay … Amazon Marketplace purchases not covered by Consumer Credit ActIf you pay Amazon and it passes the money on to the retailer, a loophole could leave you without redress


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