Salmon Fillet Recipe needed!!!

    Right everyone I ned our help!!! I've got a nice salmon fillet sitting in the fridge for dinner tonight. Problem is I have never really cooked with salomon before and I'm looking for your recipes/suggestions on how to cook it or any sauces/marinades!!!
    Somethin that dosnt need lots and lots of ingredients is a mega bonus!!
    My dinner is in your hands people!!!


    Shallow fry it in olive oil, garlic, coriander and white wine. pour over the sauce and serve with some chopped black olives and on a bed of pureed canelini beans.

    Lots of salt and pepper - fresh garlic and chilli

    Season fillets first. Shallow fry some tomatoes, carrots, sweet peppers. Add fillets and simmer on a low heat (I say for about 30 minutes to get the best of the flavours).

    Whichever receipe you try - enjoy

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    Lots of salt and pepper - fresh garlic and chilli

    I with this one :thumbsup: I usually pan fry, a couple of mins each side, with garlic & chilli flakes in a drop of olive oil, then serve on noodles with soy sauce & some steamed greens on the side - yummety scrum! :-D

    Above are great - for a quick cheat Tesco finest lemon & pepper herb rub is dead quick and very tasty!! Pan fried with some chilli/garlic oil ...yumm


    Just keep it simple, shallow fry with olive oil, bit of salt and pepper, then squeeze half a lemon over it at the end, lovely

    My favourite way of cooking salmon, although I may be swayed in future by someof the ideas above, is to cover them in milk, add herbs and seasoning, and bake them in the oven. Then remove the fillets and keep them warm, and use the milk to make a lovely herby cheese sauce. Yum!
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