Salutations 3

Good Monday morning to everyone ....... I have got my new lenses in today ...... I can see what I'm doing now ...... oh .. wait a minute .. that means I have no excuse if I do something wrong ...... drat!!


So your be changing your avatar then?

What are the make of lenses?

How much did they cost?

Do you have to have a storage pot thing and fluid?

How much does that cost?

Where did you get them from?

How long can you keep them in for?

Can you swim with them in?

Can you drive without them?

Can you read without them?

How many pairs of glasses to you have which are alright to use?

Original Poster

...all that without taking a breath????:w00t:

1. yes ... eventually
2. Ciba
3. £100 per year (thats for both eyes .. not each)
4. yes
5. about a fiver every two months
6. online
7. 18 hours(ish)
8. no
9. yes
10. yes
11. 2
oh and my inside leg measurement is 32 (inches ... non of them foreign measurments for me)
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