Salvaging files from a lappy hard drive.

    My daughter's old lappy is trashed with a virus.
    I'm going to re-install XP on it.
    I don't have a problem with that.
    She has her SIMS game saves on there though and I would like to retrieve them.
    What do I need to connect her hard drive, once I've removed it, to my PC which is quite old ( 6 years or more ) and doesn't have SATA drives even.
    Her lappy is an old DELL Latitude D610. It won't even boot up fully so I'm asuming I will have to slide the hard drive out to connect to it.

    I hate doing this, but I need to go out now so be won't be able to answer any questions for a while.
    Thanks for any help.


    just make sure you add it as a slave not master

    find out what type of hd it is (sata / ide) and then get an external hd case, and plug it into that, then plug into your pc and move files off

    If you can boot it up with a copy of ubuntu loaded from the cd you should be able to find the files and copy them to a usb key.

    There are cheaper ones around, this is just an example:…274

    This allows you to mount any ide or sata drive and connect it over USB which is very handy for the type of work you've mentioned.


    Just remember that the drive your taking files from is infested with dirties. Don't transfer anything over.

    I think there is an adapter available , but I use this ,below : links any hard drive to any PC/laptop.
    Just connect through the USB port , do a anti-virus scan first then go into the profiles to capture the files .
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