Found 5th Sep 2009
im with barlcays bank. if someone sents me cash via BT, is sit possible to recieve the cash in my account today?

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i do between my own accounts but if someone else puts money in it seems the take the usual time

it's instant if you both use the same bank. otherwise 3-5 days

i think there are ways to do it instantly, wire transfer, swift etc. but these are specialist services and cost money

If it is the first time they have transferred money to you it will take the usual time but if they have given you money before it should be instant.

My gf transfers money to me every month (she is with halifax, i'm with natwest) and it is instant.

The answer is barclays to barclays yes it wll show up today pretty much instantly

Which bank is the money coming from - this depends on the length of time it will take, not wheter they have transferred money before or not.

If it is coming from one of the faster payments scheme members it will hit your account almost immediately and will not cost the sender anything to send it (unless it is a business account). If not it will go through bacs which is a 3 working day process.

How do I know - I work for the company that runs both of these schemes, VocaLink
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