Same Day British Gas HomeCare100 Callout

    A bit cheeky this one, but we had a problem with our gas boiler this morning - it wouldn't start. As we are on British Gas' HomeCare100 scheme, we phoned them up expecting an engineer to come out today (well we are paying £13 a month for this scheme).
    We were told that the Ts&Cs pack (that we never received) states that they cannot guarantee same-day call-outs and that we would have to wait until Tuesday morning(!)
    Anyway, we happened to mention our 4-year-old son's medical condition (which isn't serious by any means) and suddenly, we were told that an engineer would be with us this afternoon.
    Now I'm not suggesting for one minute that you should lie about your kid's medical problems(!) but it might be worth mentioning if you are ever in a similar situation.


    sometimes they can be really quick! a while back i rang them at 9am and was told someone would be at my house in the afternoon had a phone call off an engineer half and hour later saying he was in the area and could he come early!

    If you have children in the house regardless of medical conditions they will come out the same day as they are more reliant on Hot water and Heating the home.. us adulta can manage a couple days..

    so if you get any bother from them, just mention you have a baby/infant in the home and they'll be there...


    This harsh winter is killing me


    This harsh winter is killing me

    Think it's more the need for hot water when you have a kid.

    yep kids & pensioners will always get priority and same day treatment
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