Same items appearing in multiple main groups...

Found 22nd Dec 2017
I'm seeing the same items appearing in multiple groups. For example, I can see a "GTX 1080" deal, posted in the main Group "Gaming" but I'm also seeing the same deal posted in "Computers".

What's going on? Before, you wouldn't see the same item posted in multiple groups.

If I select "Computers", I would expect to see the GTX 1080, but not if I select "Gaming".

This is making the site feel a lot let useful for selecting the main groups. I understand that as a sub-component, the GTX 1080 can be considering as "Gaming", but not as a main component.
Community Updates
When you post a deal from the main browser ( not sure about mobile/app) you get to pick which sub headings also apply . So if someone thinks a graphics card is relevant to gaming and computers ( makes sense to me as it goes into a PC and is used by gamers ) it will show in both search catagories as I understand it
This is getting silly though. I'm seeing stuff like SSD's in the Gaming section.
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