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    Sample CV locations/sites

    any good sites/locations having collection of CV/resume especially for software engineer, analyst etc..
    google results are huge and samples are too much varied..
    if u have seen any good collection plz let me know..



    If you look on the job boards that are specifc for what you are looking for (job wise) you will see lots of "job descriptions". This is in effect what you should be looking to put onto your CV. (As in the 'tone' of the language that is used).

    A CV needs to "sell" yourself in exactly the same way a job description tries to "sell itself" to the applicant. It aims to make the job sound exciting, challenging, and rewarding". All of these things you are looking to "sell" as well with your skills and so on.

    With regards to sites that show "example" CV's, the majority of these aren't that good to be honest. They are indeed generic. Whsat you need to be focussing on in the 1st instance is getting the text of your "skills" written down in great self marketing language.

    remember - if anybody should be able to "sell yourself" it shoud be YOU.

    Once you have the bones to it, then add the rest - by this I am talking about the formatting of it and so on.

    Obviously you will start in MS Word, and there will be to initailly kick it off the basic "static data" such as personal details etc, then we go into perhaps your "Personal Profile" and then the jobs that you have had....

    As I say, look at the websites that advertise the jobs that you do, or are looking to do, find in the job descriptions what it is that you do, and pop that onto your cv under your current role etc etc.....

    There isn't really a "template" but there is a way to self market. If there were a template, it would make us all appear exactly the same - which would be self defeating in its own right.

    ~Monster, Cityjobs, efinancialcareers, jobsite, to name but just a few of where you can get good text. As i say, the rest is down to formatting on MS Word. Do also remember that most ~Rec Agents also de-format your cv - in other words they de-personalise it and format it in Arial 10 etc etc...

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    thanks m8.. put a like

    No probs!
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