samsung 226Bw - 22" monitor flicker

    Hi, just received my samsung 226bw - 22" monitor from amazon.The monitor is huge and very smart and i was very pleased until i noticed the constant flicker throught the screen especially on letters.I am aware of the lottery of these panels changing from S panel, A panel, and supposedly much inferior c panel,however i read that all could be calaberated to a good standard.I have no way of telling which panel i have its not stated.Does anyone else have this monitor and had simaler issues which they have fixed.Dont really want to go through all the hassle of sending it back etc.Pi**ed off i took the plunge on this now.:x


    Flickering normally has nothing to do with panel itself but rather with backlight. I would RMA it as defective if I were you.
    However, some people are see more flickering (all LCD monitors flicker in some way or another) than others so I suggest you to visit computer shop (PCWorld will be a good start) and choose monitor which doesn't create eyestrain.

    Also, do you have halogen lights in that room? Sometimes it and backlight getting in same phase (or counterphase, can't remember exactly what can cause such effect) and it might also contribute to this problem, as both backlight and halogen lights are oscillating.

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    [SIZE=2]Just have standard bulbs mate,have tried turning them off too.Your prob right about it being the backlight.Just trying to find out if its a common problem on this monitor as i have ready sold my old one.Not sure how long a exchange at amazon takes but prob weeks i would guess.[/SIZE]

    i got one n it DON't Flicker.....Have Calibrated mine with Adobe Gamma..
    I might buy a "Spyder2" after xmas to calibrate the monitor and printers as i use mine for photography..Only thing I HATE about these Flat screens is that trhey gota be the Exact hight in front of you or you'll either see a too Light or too dark screen..It's a PAIN..Apart from that, I like it a LOT.

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    would not mind a bit of flicker but its really bad and very annoying not just top and bottom of screen either.Ealier it was every now and then now its constant.Ill google that adobe gamma and give it a try
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