samsung 23" lcd tv

    hi, i am looking to buy a lcd tv for my pc and i like the look of the samsung 23" found here:
    does anyone know if it can be found any cheaper than £420 though, i do like a bargain you see =)
    thanks i advance to anyone who replies


    If you're not in a big rush for it, you can get it from ][COLOR=blue]techstore[/COLOR]for £412.65 using their cheapest delivery method, but personally, I'd spend that wee bit extra to get it from amazon... rather than a store I'm not familiar with.

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    actually just foud it for £385 by using froogle, would mind a little cheaper again though, closer to £300 would be lovely but i doubt i would get something like this for that price. does anyone know if the dpi's on these tv's are as good as standard 19" lcd monitors that are designed for use with a pc?

    It's not available from oyyy for £385... OOS.

    just brought a 26" HD ready digital from currys for £470 if you can stretch extra £50 for a bigger and better lcd hd tv

    pm me and I will give you details as it was posted originally in the hot deal section
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