Samsung 32" LE32R88BD

    Hi - new to this site - need a bit of help. Trying to find the best deal on the above TV but the best I can see is Dixons at £488 with free delivery. I've seen a few others posts about cheaper ones but the websites weren't listed and the ones I did find the links for the offers had already expired. Please help!

    Also, it's defo the 88 I want and not the 87.

    Thanks a lot,


    beyond television i think

    Hi diehardtiger, check this thread out.

    Got it for £442 delivered. Great TV :-)…753

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    Hi id3als - thanks but that's the 87 model. I gather the 88 is just a bit of blue light and that's the only difference but I quite fancy that one. Would Dixons do a price match on the 88 against the 87 on beyond television as it's essentially the same set?


    Yeah they are both the same model - The spec's are exactly the same on the Samsung website.

    When I got mine, I told the person on the phone exactly that and they price matched with no issue. Should the person on the phone say no, just call back and try the next one. Everybody that has posted on that thread has managed to get the match fine. I also told them that the 88 model number is exclusive to Dixons/Currys and the 87 model is the same TV else where.

    I have the 88 model and it rocks.

    Hope this helps :-)

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    You're a legend! Thanks a lot. I'll give it a try now.

    Best reagrds,
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