Samsung 40" 1080p

    Hi, two things if someone can help, i have a 40" samsung lcd with built in freeview but didnt realise that it didnt support 1080p, so can anyone help me find a samsung that supports this for less than £1000? secondly if anyone has a samsung with 1080p, can they tell me whether the xbox 360 works in this resolution o it, i heard a few claim to have 1080p but it isnt always supported.
    thanks in advace
    Danny =)

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    How about this?

    SAMSUNG LE40F71BX 40" High Definition 1080p LCD TV £999.98 inc delivery and VAT


    As for the XBox working at 1080p, read the following links...

    According to the reviews here, the Samsung accepts 1080p via component input so away you go!
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