Samsung 40" 1080p TV - £599.99 at Comet?

    Just went past my local Comet on the way to Tesco and saw a poster outside the door that said Samsung 40" 1080p TV for £599.99. Got home and looked online, but can't find any mention of it on their website. They've got a Samsung 40" for that price, but it's not 1080p.
    Am I going nuts or did I really read the sign right? Has anyone else seen this and does anyone know what model number the TV is?


    think seen this other day in paper have to buy £150 tv unit/stand which they deduce from tv which is £799 plus a bit more so they claim you getting tv for £599.but still have to pay the full £ get both ,bascially buy tv and getting stand for equivalant of £50

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    Ah right, that makes sense - they do have a TV and stand deal for £749.99 on the website. Don't see how they can get away with advertising the TV-only for £599.99 if they're not selling them on their own at that price.
    Oh well, the TV search continues!
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