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Found 15th Sep 2017
Hi Guys, I'm quite the television moron and more into computers and whatnot but need some advice.

I recently ordered a Samsung 40KU6400 for £500 from John Lewis as it offered extended the extended warranty which is quite nice as my previous tv just died. Due to my lack of knowledge, I'm worrying that I may have just went for a brand here and not a good quality tv.

Can somebody maybe reassure me on it or alternatively offer guidance on another television for a similar price? Preferably around a similar cost.

Cheers guys.
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Great make, had ours for around 2 years. I think we may have this one paid over £500 for it though... or a different model.

But Samsung is a great make. Sorry not much help. But I think you got your self a good deal
I have this exact TV on the wall in my kitchen and have no complaints with it whatsoever. This is a great TV IMO, but I'm no expert when it comes to TV's.
It's a decent mid-range TV. You could have got it for £400 last year, but you can't always get a deal if you're buying due to a failure.

I think they did eventually get All4 added to the 2016 range but there are still adverts in the SmartTV system.
Samsung is not a great make IMO, I speak from experience. The Samsungs we have are KS7000 and KU6400.

The backlight bleed is really bad, dark scenes aren't very good with it. I tried getting it sorted but they say it's not faulty, it's the technology. The viewing angle is also atrocious, one of the worst of seen from LCD/LED.

For the 1st year your warranty will lie with Samsung, they're based in the Philippines , they're useless

Our KU6400 also came with the wrong stand, so the thing just wobbled around. It took me 3 months to have an engineer come out.

My recommendation is send it back, this is based on my experience and the fact that I'll never buy a product from them again.
We have the same TV in our house. And have our one connected to our satellite dish on Freesat and Can't fault it at all. It's not as good with the Ariel though. Much much better than my previous Samsung.
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