Samsung 46" LED TV vs LG 47" LED TV

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Found 17th Jan 2011
Which of these should I get?

Same price (not from retailers below).

Samsung UE46C5800…J04


LG 47LE5300…jsp

Used for HD, SD and gaming.



LG 47LE5300 - 100hz over 50hz.

You can find the UE46C5800 much cheaper than Amazon with a quick google search too!

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I've had the LE5300 for 1 week. It broke after 1 day (vertical lines). I ended up turning the 100hz off as it seemed very unnatural. The LG TruMotion wasn't very good at all/

I got the C5800 from Argos for £699, on its way, but the shop I got my LE5300 from has just sourced a replacement LE5300 (after being told they couldn't get one) so I can have either.

This is all I can find for LG in terms of review. LE5900 has more features, but I don't think that underlying display technology is any different.…htm

I don't have anything for C5800 at all. Only reviews I can find are for 6-series.

I know that C5800 will play pretty much any format files using USB and DLNA. LG will not.

I would focus more on price as both TVs seem to be pretty good. Definitely get 3-5 year warranty. Either company is know do deliver complete crap in terms of reliable components. Either TV is a lottery in terms of reliability.

On the other hand, if you looking for reliable TV both are bad choices.
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