Samsung 50" Plasma getting on my nerves !

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Found 2nd Jan 2009
We bought the above back in the summer, great tv, especially now with the bluray attached etc, but while watching normal tv, ie sky, on the darker backgrounds i keep seeing the lines on the screen, from left to right which seem to be more noticable lately and also the screen burn from the sky sports side bar for example is really noticeable for quite a while after changing channels.

Have checked all the menu settings and the screen burn protection is on and all that but it seems to be getting worse unless it's my eyes !!!

Any ideas or suggestions?



There's probably something wrong with it.

You should perhaps post the problem on an internet forum that specialises in finding deals and bargains, they'd probably help.

I wouldn't bother posting it to any specialist AV forums they're full of nerds who know too much about technology.

Warranty job...if your not happy, get an engineer out

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Seems to be a trend of sarcasm judging by his replies to other peoples threads .........

Which one is it? I should be getting one soon!!

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Which one is it? I should be getting one soon!!

Not sure of the exact model, will check when i get home.

Just really bugging me lately......
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