samsung 5.1 speakers and AMP/TV help :)

Found 23rd Jun 2009
i blame myself, but i sorted my dad out a 42 inch samsung lcd, now he has this stupid idea of setting up his front room with speakers subs etc everywhere lol

he didnt listen to me and ordered a few things via ebay (links below)

anyways to the point.... he has a sub and 5 speaker's

but these speakers are connected via a wire one end (the end that goes into the speaker) and a clip the other end (pics from links should help)

he was warned that these where connected direct to a samsung dvd recorder rather then direct to a tv etc

i was thinking the following

1) is there an amp that will take the clip type connection ? (see pics below)
2) is there a cable that one is wire and the other is a normal red/white connector (cant remember what they are called)
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The red and white connectors you talk of are probably 'phono' cables. The output from phono sockets is at 'line level' rather than speaker levels, so you can't connect the speakers directly to phono sockets and expect them to work; an amplifier will be required.

I think those connectors in your picture are Samsung-proprietary.

The best chance he has of using the speakers is to cut the connectors off and use an amp that takes banana plugs or bare wires, or buy some speaker cable from Richer Sounds and use that instead.

Check the impedance of the speakers and the specifications of the amp before doing so, however! Also, the sub is probably passive (has no amplifier built-in) whereas most AV amps need an active sub.
could he avoid all this buy just say buying the dvd recorder which can connect these speakers direct to them ? also the BIG sub that he won from another auction ie not with the other set, allows all the speakers from the other set to be plugged direct into them, it then has a white/red audio out and a compisite, can he connect the speakers to the larger sub and then the larger sub to the tv ? thanks for the help rep left
here is a picture of the larger sub he has, if u notice it has the clip connection's, so he could connect all his speaker's to this sub, could he then connect the sub direct to his tv via the composite out cables ?

Judging by the picture, I suppose it's possible that that sub has a built in amplifier, but I bet the 'Aux In' and 'Radio Antenna' sockets just get looped into the 'System Connector' socket (hence the 'DVD Player Model HT-TXQ120 only' warning). Does the sub have some way of adjusting the volume?

Even if the sub does have an amplifier, the best he'll get out of it might be Dolby Prologic II, since both dts and Dolby Digital 5.1 require a digital feed via optical or co-ax SPDIF.

To be honest, I think your dad has probably wasted his money and will probably end up throwing good money after bad if he tries to make use of these speakers without a matching Samsung system. Probably best to head to his nearest branch of Richer Sounds and see what they can offer for his budget.
say for example he didnt mind Dolby Prologic II, how would he connect it all up any ideas m8
If it's gonna do anything, then I'd take a phono cable from the phono line out sockets of the sound source (e.g. TV, DVD player) to the 'Aux In' socket of the sub. Plug a set of speakers into the outputs of that sub (make sure the power output and impedance matches the output of the sub).

To be honest, though, I expect the sub needs the main unit in order to be able to work, since I expect that's where the amplifier is located.
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