Samsung 65KS8000 vs Panny 65DX902B

Found 28th Feb 2017
Hey guys, I am in the market for a new 65" UHD TV, I've narrowed down my choices to the above TVs, both are in roughly the same price bracket, get glowing reviews, wanted people's views on which TV they think will perform better ?

I plan on using it for Gaming, HD/UHD [occasional] video watching, 3D is not a must but good to have.

Also, does SD content look on these huge screens ?

Thanks Guys
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I'm surprised the KS8000 is so expensive at 65". Unless it's a lot better than at smaller sizes I'd be going for the DX902.
Owned them both the panny slightly better colours and fald is a bonus, poor inbuilt sound though and the os isn't getting any more updates,better game times on the sammy the panny is built like a bomb heavy and fans and not as good looking as the 8000,you can't go wrong with either but the fald screen would swing it for me
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Cheers guys, the Samsung is a beautiful looking TV, will look fab in the lounge, however FALD makes me want to buy the panny, it is £1499 on the Panasonic refurb site on eBay, am about to pull the trigger, note will only get a year's warranty on refurb which is a worry, do people have good experience buying stuff from the refurb site? I plan to wall mount, the Panasonic is quite a beast weighing in ~35 kilos? Will need to get some strong M6 fixtures...

Any other thoughts guys before I pull the trigger?

Am I right in assuming the equivalent of Panny in the Samsung range is KS9500 as that has FALD too? Cheers for all the help
the samsung ks8000's a good tv and if it had the FALD screen then it would be the better option. but yeah stick to the panny, its much heavier but the build quality is there. The amount of samsung ks series' which have been 'faulty' due to the back peeling off is crazy as they've used glue on the back of the panels not screws X) X)
Sony with Android operating system anyday. Terrific sound, amazing picture and fully integrates with your Google account (if you are an android user). Buy it now and you can thank me later.
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