Posted 5th Jun 2021

I was backing up some files from my phone to the mentioned SSD (Via USB C output to USB 3.0 input).

The file size was 9GB but took 6 hours to transfer to the SSD. Below is a screenshot of Task Manager and Samsung Magician

Would this slow transfer be solely due to the near full capacity, or is there something else at play here?


The reason I had to manually back up the mentioned file was because the Samsung backup app did not find WhatsApp pics. This is why I had to backup on the Samsung 970.

However all other files, close to 50GB, was backed up on the second Micron SSD (Installed in a second identical PCIe slot) in under 20 minutes using the Samsung Smart Switch App. Same file types as well (Jpeg, docs, mp3 etc) and the Micron SSD has weaker read/speeds.

Originally, the Samsung Smart Switch App was set to backup onto the Samsung 970EVO drive.
When it did this, the backup was stuck at 47% for 8 hours.
After I changed the folder location to the Micron SSD, the same size backup was completed in 20 minutes.
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