Samsung 980 Pro nvme ps5 firmware

Posted 22nd Jun 2022
I just bought the Samsung 980 pro with heat sink, and wondering if anyone could point me in direction where to get the firmware upgraded for unlocked more speed for the ps5? I don’t have nvme slot in pc to it
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  1. reddragon105's avatar
    You would have to install it in a PC somehow* and then use Samsung Magician software.

    And by somehow I mean install it internally in an M.2 slot (although you said you don't have one...) or an internal PCI-E to M.2 adapter, or an external USB to M.2 adapter. (edited)
  2. Deedie's avatar
    can you use a usb enclosure to do it!
    Mr.Krabs's avatar
    Doesn’t work in enclosure
  3. pekoz1's avatar
    Can I ask a couple of questions to narrow down your problem...

    1/ What pc have you got? A desktop without an m.2 nvme slot or a laptop?

    2/ When you say it doesnt work in a usb enclosure ....does the Samsung Magician Software actually see the drive in the enclosure and the firmware update does not work or you cant see the drive in the enclosure at all?
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    No it doesn’t recognise, you need to buy something similar to this…c=1
    easy updates then and then the full speed potential is unlocked
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