Samsung A5 2017


    we are looking to purchase the above mentioned phone

    it's about £50 cheaper from a 3rd party seller on Amazon

    my concern is the warranty, will it be honoured by Samsung if i was to buy from 3rd party seller or even if i was to buy it from eBay?

    I'm looking for new and up opened

    thanks in advance


    Very unlikely that warranty will be honoured if is not an agreed reseller. A friend of mine bought a Note 5 from a 3rd party seller some months ago whose flash storage failed last week and couldn't claim warranty although the Note 5 isn't officially being sold in the UK so you may have better chances. Is the risk worth £50?

    I would say that it probable that you would not be covered. Most companies have it in their T&Cs that you need to provide proof of purchase from the official vendor for any warranty to be valid. However, it may also be the case that they may not actually request this proof as part of the warranty process but it's a risk either way.

    From Samsung website T&Cs:

    The warranty periods apply from the first date of purchase of the product. To obtain warranty service, the original proof of purchase will be required and the serial number affixed to the product must be complete and undamaged.

    Original Poster

    thank you all, will be going through official seller
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