Samsung American fridge freezer SRS2028

    Wife is driving me nuts for last few months about a mouldy vomit smell finally traced it to the back of the fridge freezer as when the fan goes on its smells bad.
    Anybody can help with this I took the bottom panel at the back of the freezer but saw nothing unusual. There is no smell coming from inside of the fridge.

    Thanks All


    If you look at the very back of the fridge towards the bottom you may find a v shaped channel . That carries evaporation water out of the fridge . There should be a hole which allows the water to escape . I had a fridge where this sometimes clogged . What you get then is a build up of stagnant water and mouldy food . Have a look see if yours has a similar problem

    It's probably your wife's top lip...

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    Must be common problem where you come from then!
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