Samsung Android rooting voids your 2-year warranty

    Just thought I'd update everyone as we all know rooting is popular on the HUKD community.

    If you root your Samsung Android phone, you are voiding your warranty with Samsung. This means if your phone develops a fault (i.e. touchscreen stops working) within 2 years of purchase, it may not be fixed under warranty, if they find out it has been rooted.

    This is especially important on phones like the Galaxy S, which most places (if not all) will charge in excess of £100 to fix a touchscreen or display issue unless it's under warranty.

    The reason I'm posting this now is because Samsung have only this week implemented a system for Service Centres to check if the handset has been rooted.


    what is meant by the term "rooting"?


    what is meant by the term "rooting"?

    in simple terms, it means you gain access to parts of the operating system otherwise not available

    Surely Samsung would never know if you unroot before returning it.

    I wonder if Dell, Acer etc would refuse to honour a warranty on a laptop if you chose to install a linux distro on your laptop rather than the preinstalled windows.

    Just realised this thread is 2 years+ old, D'oh!


    Just realised this thread is 2 years+ old, D'oh!

    Lol, same here, makes you wonder who and why it was resurrected by.
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