Samsung BD-P1600 Blu-Ray Disc Player...

    Hey, I bought a Samsung BD-P1600 Blu Ray player quite recently, and I have watched several .avi files off of my external hardrive through the USB slot, and I wanted to watch some HD files through the same way, but I tried .mkv and that didn't seem to work, i've also tried DivX HD but it only plays DivX i'm told... or do I need extra firmware or something?

    I'm new to high-def... does it show?


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    Damn, didn't ask my question, I meant to put is there a HD file it will play?

    I've been looking for a BR player that'll play other files and haven't found any. I'm fairly sure the 1600 will only play BR disc's and maybe a few none HD avi's.

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    You can get HD avi? Didn't know that...
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