Posted 5 August 2023

Samsung Birthday codes (No Referrals) | Official Request Thread

In need of a Samsung Birthday? - Request one here!
• Please only request a code if you're going to use it (*no referrals)
• Contributing members will be prioritised.
• Please do not post any personal info (such as email addresses, Twitter etc).

Have a code going spare? - Don't let it go to waste, share it here!
• Please only share codes via PM.
• Your generosity is appreciated

Offering and accepting of any codes in this thread (or across hotukdeals) is the responsibility of our members. It is your own responsibility to comply with the terms of any 3rd party and ensuring any eligibility requirements are met.

There are risks involved in any trade, so be sure to understand these before trading.
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    absolute legend!
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    Does anyone happen to have recieved a Samsung birthday code that they don't plan to use? These are emailed out sometimes to Samsung account holders on their birthday and it seems to be pretty random who does/doesn't get them. If someone has a code and doesn't plan on using it, please could you be so kind as to share it with me?

    Thanks so much in advance!
  3. AndyRoyd's avatar
    If you do find one it would be helpful if you could to indicate if the birthday code worked / didn't work just to clarify if EU Samdung forum Moderator was talking rubbish few weeks ago:
    Please be aware that birthday discount codes are connected to the Samsung account that they were assigned to, therefore it won't be possible for other users to share their codes with you, as they can only be used when signed in to the relevant account on…rue

    otherwise notable discounts via
    • Samsung store for Samsung Networks
    can be accessed through various "engagement networks" such as Blue Light Card; Defence Discount Service; Edenred; Lifeworks; Motivano Benefit Hub; Next Jump; Perkbox; PerksAtWork; Reward Gateway; Sodexo; Wrkit.
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    I think that's definitely rubbish, I had one for my Birthday in January and I gave it to a friend to use and it worked no problem.

    I'll report back if I do get one though and let you know if it's still the case! (edited)
  4. reggea86's avatar
    Birthday codes now account specific and only will work with the email they are registered to.
    They can not be shared anymore.
  5. nadeem_khanSJ8's avatar
    Hi I thought birthday codes were specifically for the same email only
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    No i gave mine away in October to another user and it worked for them.
    Now i need a birthday code and cant get one either, should of kept it 😔
  6. Deedie's avatar
    Couldn't your birthday be tomorrow on a new account?
    marco_j's avatar
    Hmmmmmm Deedie.....I could perhaps give that a go too lol
  7. samwants2save's avatar
    Woohoo! Birthday beats are the order of the day. Lerrus know where and when!
  8. Andremach's avatar
    If anyone has one id be more than grateful and swap you something better
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    Create a new account and make up a birthday.
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    Does this work for sure?
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    Happy Birthday for tomorrow
  11. melanieking2000's avatar
    Happy birthday 🎂
  12. marco_j's avatar
    Well creating a new Samsung account and making the birthday a couple of days ahead did not work for me, im back to asking if anyone has any spare codes lol
  13. sm9690's avatar
    Can you not sign up yourself and put your birthday as, say, tomorrow? Won't that work?
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    Not usually. You normally won't get the code till next year then. I know some people that have 12 generic email addresses and then can sign up for each month of the year.
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    Maybe Shamdung's accountant also didn't receive their birthday code discount so spat dummy and didn't bother file Scamdung's corporate accounts.

    Or maybe the failure to file timely accounts indicates something more sinister and the violators are best avoided until when / if some element of credibility is restored?
  15. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Have you got a code yet ? I have one i can pm you if you haven't been sent one yet?
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    Hi I haven't got a 15 percent code yet. If you don't mind, please share it with me...
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    Do birthday codes expire after a certain 1-2 months
  17. ionuttd's avatar
    Would appreciate a code
  18. ionuttd's avatar
    Would appreciate a birthday code
  19. ionuttd's avatar
    Would appreciate a birthday code
  20. deleted2973732's avatar
    Can someone be so kind to PM a 15% Samsung birthday code, if you don't intend to use it please

    Ps codes have an expiry date
  21. deathsnakes's avatar
    I'll add my name to the list, really want to grab the s9+ for a little cheaper. 15% discount would be perfect. Fingers crossed.
  22. VeganPolice's avatar
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    Thank youu. For replying. I need the last bit of the email where it staying the terms and when the offer ends. If you can take q screenshot of that
  23. Adam_Ka6V's avatar
    Also would love a little extra off if anyone has a spare and would like a lil gift card in exchange. Didn't realise it was a thing till now otherwise would have got a code last month :/ .
  24. Robert_Boulton's avatar
    Thanks above. But all used. Anyone got any others. Much appreciated.
  25. aliuk's avatar
    Anymore codes??
  26. taiko.786's avatar
    hi guys , where do i enter birthday info to get a code? thanks.
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    you have to set up a samsung account and tick to receive promotions and offers and marketing. then hope they will give you a code on your birthday.

    i have had an account for a while but i have never received a code. i had marketing emails switched off. i have switched it on and unfortunately, now i receive all the useless emails from them
  27. Wolfout's avatar
    Pm sent.  
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    Many many thanks mate, ill try it out later
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    Anyone have a spare and not using please do pm me.
  29. Tyrone_H_'s avatar
    Same any spare please DM 🙏
  30. moneybanks14's avatar
    Hi all,

    Looking for a Samsung 15% birthday code if anyone has one they do not wish to use.

    Have a great day.
  31. Coocoo's avatar
    If anyone has a spare Samsung Birthday code in their email they aren't using would be very grateful! Many thanks
  32. randomnee's avatar
    Hey in need of a 15 percent birthday code!
    Plz help a person in need
  33. dhruvil2009's avatar
    Anyone has a spare Samsung Birthday code they aren't using would be very grateful
  34. phantom123's avatar
    Hi Peeps, anyone got a 15% Samsung birthday discount they won't be using? Please could you pm me? Many thanks
  35. usm_'s avatar
    Hey all, does anyone have spare Samsung 15% birthday code? If you do have one, can you please DM it to me. Many thanks
  36. randomnee's avatar
    Hey, need one rn too!
  37. Muimuibo's avatar
    Does anyone have Samsung discount code please 🙏🙏🙏 (edited)
  38. randomnee's avatar
    Hi, coming back here to ask if anyone has a code?
  39. randomnee's avatar
    Please can someone send me one, would really appreciate it!
  40. randomnee's avatar
    Can anyone please send a Birthday Code please?
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