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    Just received the holiday voucher (I chose the £150, no minimum spend, voucher) and am just wondering if anyone has actually used it to book a holiday yet.

    Because the 'voucher code number' seems to be a general code which could be used by anyone, but there is also a code nearer the top of the voucher which contains letters and numbers, and I am wondering if this is what they ask for?

    Voucher is no use to me so was planning on selling it on, but if the only thing they ask for is the general looking voucher code number, then I will just post it on here


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    Never mind, on reading the terms and conditions it does say you will need to quote the unique voucher code - so must be the other code on the voucher, apart from the one that actually says 'voucher code number'


    I got mine a few weeks ago J & saw the same thing NM eh?! Haven't used mine yet

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    I think its confusing, says in the letter part you need to quote the 'voucher code number' which is obviously the same for everyone, but then there is another code which I assume is what they are referring to in the t+cs when they say 'you will need to quote the unique voucher code'

    I only just got mine sent in time, the letter is dated the 30th january, and the closing date was 31st!
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