Samsung Cloud - Really need help (Messages being spied upon)

Found 2nd Feb
My family member has a Samsung ?S8 with a Samsung Cloud account.

They are in a (what I view) a dangerous relationship with zero trust.

Their partners' messages have now appeared on my family members' phone for the last few days. When you go to reset the password to the Samsung Account, the password can be reset via email, or via your phone number. However, there is now an additional phone number that is able to reset the account - the partners'.

Somehow he has been spying upon her messages by syncing them to his phone (He of course denies this). However all his messages are now appearing on her phone.

I have gone into her Samsung account and changed the password. However there is nowhere that allows me to delete his number from being able to re-set the password. The only "trusted" number within the Security settings is her number! Yet I can still see his number when I attempt a password reset, so he can simply override any new password I give.

Apart from the obvious re: the relationship, is anybody able to confirm that his phone logging into her Samsung Account/Cloud would have the above described affect? And secondly how to delete his number?!
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This sounds like stalking to me which is illegal. Why doesn't she leave him and take this up with the police.

You might also want to be careful if he is so obsessive. Might be an idea to talk to a professional first though. Get some advice, maybe from the Citizens Advice Bureau perhaps.
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LemonHead2 m ago

It sounds like stalking which is illegal. Why doesn't she leave him and …It sounds like stalking which is illegal. Why doesn't she leave him and take this up with the police.

Kids is the short answer..... But I would rather not go into details here in case he were to find this on Google. But I totally agree with you. So I'll keep only to the thread specifics re: Samsung Accounts
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Just setup a new Samsung cloud account, remove the trusted number and add it to the new account. Make all the security questions difficult to answer, create a different email account and link that to the cloud account.
Factory Reset.
LemonHead2nd Feb

All coming to a-head now. Gmail account accessed twice tonight, stared at her at work through the window (after 45 minute drive to get there) as she "Must" be cheating on him, bruises on her arm that he denies he caused. He followed her around the supermarket the other day by taking the other car and confronted her in the middle of the supermarket about cheating. He confronted her for having a STI test and so she must be STI riddled but it was actually just her smear result. She doesn't feel he is a risk to her life.

He's lost the plot and the sooner she is out of there, the better. I've warned her as much as I can, but the abuser in these situations is always able to make the victim feel partly at fault. They hold so much power over the victim. He's got such an obsession that I won't give any further details here, but the best charity to call for further advice (and legal advice that is affordable) is welcome.

Does she need a Stalking charity helpline - they are married - or a Domestic Abuse helpline? She can't even unlock her phone in the house as he will grab it off her to read the messages; she has to wait for an incoming call to answer whilst the phone is locked.
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