Samsung customer service lying to me argg!!!

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Found 3rd Mar 2011
I phoned up to get my 5 year warranty registered for my new tv, only to have to lady on the phone tell me that is doesnt exist, that the glossy leaftlet telling me all about my warranty has been forged by the company i bought my tv from and is totally fake. so i rang the company for them to tell me that they have this problem all the time from samsung, that it's a legitimate warranty and i need to sort it out with samsung. So i rang samsung back this time they gave me a number for an insurance company who the guy said dealt with their extended warranties, so i rang them for them to tell me they only deal with the one year warranties, and that they get people passed to them all the time from samsung with the wrong information. It's really rubbish customer service! Rant over.

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you sure its not just store extended warranty ?

I think if it was me I would contact the place I bought the TV and say I wanted a refund as I bought the TV on the basis it had a 5 year warranty and now it doesn't appear to have one. Then they might sort it out.
Good luck.

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It's definitely a samsung warranty, as soon as i contacted the firm he new exactly which model tv i had when i described the problem. I've e-mailed samsung so hopefully i'll get a response, but to have their staff just outright lie to me to get me off the phone is well out of order.

Is it a small company that you bought the TV from?

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Simply electricals they're called, not sure how big they are. It's a special offer on the warrenty so i have to get it registered this month or i only get the one year.

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i ran domestic and general, they said it's not them.
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