Samsung D500 or D600 PAYG or Sim Free Unlocked Deal Request

Found 21st Oct 2005
hi there

im hoping one of you deal hunters can help me out

im on orange pay as you go at the moment and really would like to stay on pay as you go and keep my number.

but my phone is ****.

so im looking for the best deal on a samsung d500 or d600 (preferably) either on orange pay as you go or sim free

ive seen the d500 on the orange site payg for £149.99 but i dont know if i can do better than that.

i DONT want to get one off ebay.

as for the d600, its my prefered choice but i know that its probably mega bucks sim free and not on payg, but id still like to know anyway.

i would go contract, but i dont really want to be tied down to a monthly payment, unless its stupidly cheap.

hoping someone can help, it would be much appreciated

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I think the d500 you can get for around £90 term cost for 1 year contract which is pretty cheap considering it's less than buying a PAYG and you get contract minutes included. Do a search in the forum or on the front page for d500 and it should come up, or wait for duckmagicuk2 to post in here as I'm sure he knows what the best offer is now
any more help on this people?
That Samsung D500 seems to be the best bet. I can't find it any cheaper elsewhere and it seems to be a reasonable price for that handset. If you go SIM-free then the handset sets you back AYT LEAST £190!! On Kelkoo the Orange shop price came up as the best for the PAY-G option. The Samsung D600 is really new and isn't yet very cheap on PAY-G or SIM-free, and it will cost you an arm and a leg, LOL.

>>QuidCo will give you another £5 off the Orange shop offer<<
hi duck

thanks for the reply mate

what about the d600 on contract? i wanna get the phone free but on the cheapest contract possible per month, some included minutes and texts would be cool too

Hehe, you said PAY-G. :wink:

In that case, I'll quote you the cheapest price for both phones on a contract...

D500: £90 on ORANGE

D600: £187.50 on ORANGE

You can get more money off via QuidCo, about £20 for each of these contracts.

If you want more details then don't hesitate to contact me.
Limited edition silver (the orange version) Samsung D500 Boxed, Unlocked, with earphones, manual, wall charger and PC studio software.

email me at eliasbetraoui3@hotmail.com if ur interested.

duck: havent got quidco so i wont benfit from that.
but when u say those prices what do you actually pay per month and what do you get included for that? got the urls?

eliman: how much dude?
Jimbo, it's worth getting a QuidCo account to get the extra cashback. It doesn't cost you anything and you can use it immediately.

These offers:

You pay £30 per month. The contract therefore costs £360 for a year, but you get £270 back from the retailer in "cashback" by sending the bills at regular intervals, meaning that overall the contract works out at £90. Included in the contract are 200 any time, any network minutes. >>CLICK HERE<<

This works in the same way as the D500 offer. This time you pay £25 per month (1 year costs £300), then you get £113 cashback by sending back certain bills. Included in the contract are 1000 off peak minutes. >>CLICK HERE<<

The cashback schemes usually work quite well, and you get instructions on their website and with the phone. I'd advise you to send your bills back recorded delivery.
thanks for the help duck!

im assuming quidco is at [url]quidco.co.uk?[/url]

i might go for this instead tho, seems very cheap, what do you think dude

QuidCo is at [url]www.quidco.com[/url] but [url]www.quidco.co.uk[/url] also works.

That eBay item looks OK, just research the seller and check his feedback; make sure you trust him. If you get it though then there are no worries about contracts.
I think a contract is a better idea than buying the sim free one off eBay Jimbo. On eBay the price is £250 for just the handset. If you get the contract deal duckmagic posted, your final term cost is only £187 which is cheaper than the price of then handset only on eBay plus you are getting 1000 off peak minutes included.

The other way I look at it is how much is your capital cost on both ends? Well the eBay one is £250 straight out right now, whereas the contract has a higher cost of £300 before cashback but it is spread out over 12 months. Also because the cashback will be returned in a few steps (month 6 and 12?) you will never actually have to outlay the £300.

So. My conclusion is get the contract one and then get it unlocked if you don't want the plan or put a PAYG sim on from that network i n it. The final cost to you will be much cheaper and the capital costs are lower as well.

good points dude, im just a bit unsure about being tied to a contract.
i did have one before on orange via carphone warehouse, luckyly id paid the extra for the insurance and could cancel it after 3 months.
does that site offer something like that too?
What about this.. You're on Orange PAYG right now, and the D600 deal duckmagic posted is also on Orange. So I don't think you'll even need to get it unlocked... buy the contract phone, take out the sim and put it in your sock drawer, put in your PAYG sim. Then although you are technically on contract you won't put any minutes through that sim so it'll be easy to control your costs as you would use the PAYG.

Result is yes you are on a 12 month contract but only in theory Think of it more like a payment plan :P you could even flog the phone on eBay and do what ever else you like, just make sure you pay your bill on time every month and claim the cashback when necessary. (don't mess that bit up!)

As for insurance I think most of these online mobile sites automatically include 3 months insurance for free that you ahve to cancel if you don't want it after 3 months.
contracts do seem to offer the better deal reading into it though

jeez why do i take so long to make up my friggin mind, lol

just wanna run something by you

have you delt with that supplier before? reason i ask is it seems amazingly cheap

hehe i printed the deal and thought id have a laugh and see what the shops said.

one phone shop said they could get nowhere near it and if i got that deal they would give me £20! lol

the orange shop off all places said that the d600 isnt even out on orange, lol and that when i call for that it will probably never be in stock.

i realise this is just the usual BS you will get cause basically they know that i can get it for that price, they just try it on to see if they can make you feel safer paying way more.

i just wondered thats all, cause i rang onestop to just confirm on it and the girl was a little pushy saying they had like 300 or something but if i left it till tomorrow theyd probably be all gone
There are very mixed results when using OoneStopPhoneShop... most people have received their cashback on time, some people say they had to chase it up and others said they didn't even get their cashback.

Overall, OSPS should be OK. Just send off whatever bills you need to send as RECORDED DELIVERY so that they can't pretend it's been lost in the post. You can check it's been delivered if necessary. Users have said they've had more luck that way. They're owned by CarPhoneWarehouse (CPW) anyway, and CPW are a reputable company. I've also traded with e2save.com, another CPW owned company, and got my cashback with no trouble.


As for insurance I think most of these online mobile sites automatically … As for insurance I think most of these online mobile sites automatically include 3 months insurance for free that you ahve to cancel if you don't want it after 3 months.

Actually freebie, with e2save you can totally opt-out of insurance alltogether when you checkout, meaning you don't even need to cancel later. I'm not sure is OSPS is the same...
apparently tesco has got the d500 cheap atm so im told and they have a discount on all there mobys
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