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Found 5th Sep 2011
just found my old samsung d600 locked to orange. is there a free way of unlocking/codes?

can get it unlocked it for a fiver but the handset itself prob worth that!

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I got this article some time ago and kept it just in case

As far as I know there are no free codes for this model.
You can unlock it at;…110

You need FTDI usb cable though (this means original cable won't work)

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This will also bring the phone to default settings

1. First do a CUSTOM reset: *2767*2878# (star 2767 star 2878 hash)
turn off the phone

2. take out the battery and sim and put wrong network SIM and insert a half of it,
so it won't ask for network password and shows "Insert SIM" message.
Now put the battery ,and switch the phone on .(phone shows "Insert SIM" message.)

3.With out turn off the phone push the sim fully in. At this stage the phone is still asking to "Insert SIM"

4. Make a FULL reset by typing: *2767*3855#(star 2767 star 3855 hash)

5. The phone should reboot working

with "wrong" sim inside.

6. Make a Change the NCK password to 8 zeros by typing: *7465625*638*00000000*00000000#(star 7465625 star 638 star 8zeros star 8zeros hash)

7. Now Disable network lock By typing: #7465625*638*00000000#(hash 7465625 star 638 star 8zeros hash)
Phone is unlocked (check with *#7465625#)

If you find that SPLock is still on afterwards follow the below

After you do the reset, check and make sure that your network lock is active by pressing *#7465625#. If it isn't active you must use this code to reactivate it, *7465625*638*00000000*00000000#. Then you have to deactivate the sp lock first. To do that you need to input *7465625*77*00000000*00000000#, (this will reset the lock) then you enter #7465625*77*00000000# (to disable the sp lock). Then you disable the network lock #7465625*638*00000000# and the phone is finally unlocked.

You can try this but although it has worked for me I cannot guarantee it for anyone else

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this realy worked for my D6OOE ......great thanks..
Thank you. Just used code and worked...:-)

Thank you. Just used code and worked...:-)

Good to hear it is still working!
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