Samsung D900

I've never used one, but the spec is great.
very nice fone

slim looks good nice camera etc etc

oh and from my exp (ive got 1) the texting is similar if not identical to nokia texting
My girlfriend has one and the battery life is appaling - she gets two days out of it at most. I guess that's the price you pay for how slim it is.

I'm not that impressed with it to be honest - I would never be able to get on with the keys (too fiddly).

I'll stick with my K800.

Here is an in depth review of the D900: -


and for the K800

i can confirm that battery life does seem poor charging it very frequently
Hi mate, i work for orange and i was hoping i could give some advice

The N73 looks nice imho but i would agree...too sluggish!!! Camera is good and it has a crackin big screen. My only concern is that the nokia symbian phones always tend to take time before software problems are fully resolved.

The D900 does look super. Nice and slim and always woos the customers when i show them the camera quality. But as some members have rightly said the battery life could be a problem. Battery life isn't great on any of the new phones to be honest, plus it depends on how much you use the thing. If you want a phone with good battery life buy a second hand 6310i lol.

SPV's are good but very fussy i find when you just want to send a simple text message. Everytime i talk myself into buying a PDA type handset, 3 months later i'm crying out for a basic phone again.

The new SE W950i seems to have the best of both worlds. Massive 4gb memory, PDA type handset with a normal keypad, but no camera which could be a problem.

You want my honest advice, although it's been around for a bit now, the K800 is still top dog. Very few problems with it and the photos are second to none. I have w810i and love it but the K800 is the only phone i would want instead. Mini Golf is outstanding by the way!!!

Hope this helps a bit.

I've got to agree with box. I had the K750i which I couldn't fault. I now have the K800 which is simply perfection. I can't think of any way it could be improved at the moment.
what network?
what tariff optons were you given?
what was the contract lengths mentioned?
did they want any payment for any of the phones offered?
Careful though, instore at least there is no 14 day return on upgrades!!!
My colleague upgraded to the D900 earlier this year and he despises it. The battery life is appalling and the interface tragic - His previous phone was a Sony Ericsson.
Surprised you like the C600, I entered this thread to recommend against it as you like Nokias. I'm not too convinced on the MS interface, seems clumsy and makes poor use of the beautiful high resolution screen. I don't think the button choice is that good either, seems too many buttons for the functions chosen. Camera is also dire compared to what Ericsson and Nokia amongst others are putting on their phones.

However, it does have a lot of merit - it's not super slim but I think it's a good size weight, it's small and light making it very pocketable yet it's still big enough to have a great screen and reasonable keypad. The standard mini USB connection is a superb choice as it means less cables to carry with me (as several other of my devices use this cable) plus it can be used for both data and charging. While I'm not too keen on the interface, there's no denying the massive variety of software available for the device plus there's a great level of customisation. Initially I was disappointed with the lack of wifi but these days I'm not too bothered, I have it on the C600's bigger brother the Mini S and I rarely use it - it's entirely hit and miss whether it actually gets onto a wireless network, it's not particularly fast and it slaughters the battery.

E61 looks an interesting device but I'd probably go for one of the slightly bigger HTC devices (such as the Mini S or Vario II) a I prefer a deeper phone with a slide out qwerty keyboard rather than a wide one. By havng the qwerty keyboard running up and down the phone you have can have larger keys with better spacing making it far easier to type with I find.

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