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Found 27th Oct 2006
Im looking for the new Samsung D900 on contract with either Orange, Vodaphone or T-Mobile but no others please! Ideally im after a 12 month contract at around £30 a month (£35 max). Inclusive texts arent as important as inclusive minutes but i do need a few as part of the deal. If anyones seen any good deals let me know! Cheers

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beleave it or not i went to phones4u and are doing this phone as my friend just got one today and it is a 1 day only deal price (SAT 28th) from the shop only

phone was free
first 6 months £15 = £90
next 6 months £35 = 210
next 6 months £20 = 120
total 18months for = £420
cash back = £100
new total = £320
devide that by 18months = £17.77 a month contract not that bad at all

200 free texts a month
600 free cross/anytime min
and thay give you £100 cash for today only well thats in the northeast
so if oyu want one ask about this

You can get it free on Orange Racoon, £30 a month 450 landline minutes 325 anytime minutes 75 texts magic number & Free broadband upto 8mb

it is an 18month contract though.


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Thanks for these Beansy i cant get that link to work, can you point me in the right direction?

ALSO am i able to use the PAC number ive been given from O2 on the websites so that i can keep my number?


If you go to shop.orange.co.uk/sho…hly you should be able to view all the tarrifs, I don't know anything about Pac codes sorry, but there is a link on there to ring them to keep your existing number

remember you need to sign up for the 18mnth contract to get free broadband
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