Samsung D900/D900i Unlocking

Found 13th Oct 2010

Can anyone help please. I need to unlock my old D900/i so I can read messages on my O2 simcard. Currently locked to Tmobile

Need help asap. Thanks in advance.
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Hello. You can unlock your phone for 99p by using a code sent to you from an eBay seller Here

I have used this method several times and is so much easier (and cheaper) than going to a phoneshop.
*2767*688# In newer phones: = #*7337# Please use at own risk!!!!!! watch out for all zeros IMEI

It's not a new phone though,it's a d900 and the codes below work fine without any issues on imei

1. First do a CUSTOM reset: * 2767 * 2878 # (star 2767 star 2878 hash)
turn off the phone
2. take out the battery and sim and put wrong network SIM and insert a HALF of it, ie half in and half out and slip the battery in behind it, this is important
so it won't ask for network password and shows "Insert SIM" message.
Now put the battery, and switch the phone on. (Phone shows "Insert SIM" message.)
3.With out turning off the phone push the sim fully in. At this stage the phone is still asking to "Insert SIM"
4. Make a FULL reset by typing: * 2767 * 3855 # (star 2767 star 3855 hash)
5. The phone should reboot working with "wrong" sim inside.
6. Make a Change the NCK password to 8 zeros by typing: * 7465625 * 638 * 00000000 * 00000000 #
(star 7465625 star 638 star 8zeros star 8zeros hash)
7. Now Disable network lock By typing: # 7465625 * 638 * 00000000 #
^ how i did mine
super grabbit - found same said guide on the net and used that -- cheers all
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