samsung E250 advice please

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Found 9th Jan 2009
hi would just like some advice on the above samsung as my son is soon to be 10 and i was thinking of getting him a mobile phone does any one think this phone will be any good as a first time mobile many thanx

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I would say so yes. The camera isn't all that though. Although I suppose it depends how technically minded he is. There are more basic phones on the market. I would say this phone comes under the category of medium basic to advanced basic.

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thanx for your reply donnydude i thought it would be ok but just wanted a second opinion the camera isnt a problem as he will probably just play arround with picture taking ect lol

My son is 11 and has the Samsung J600.It has a 1.3 camera,movies,mp3,voice recorder,games etc and also a slot to expand the memory. He has a 2gb micro sd card in this slot which takes loads of albums plus all his saved photos and movies.Think it was £40 from carphonewarehouse just before xmas on Orange inc £10 credit.Its his fave pressie. Hope this helps. Oh,and it also has a loudspeaker so he doesn't have to use the supplied earphones.

My son's 7 and he can work his way around the menus with no problem at all so I certainly don't think it's beyond the capabilities of a ten year old. It's no iPhone by any stretch but it's got a (basic) camera, fm radio, bluetooth, can take a microSD card for the media player. If you've seen a good price for it then I don't think you can go wrong. Just a wee word of advise. If he is going to be listening to music on it, although you get a pair of earphones with the phone, they're not very good and they use a non-standard fitting. If he wants to use his own earphones, get a D900 to 3.5mm adaptor. They cost about £3 from phone accessory shops.

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thanx guys he does love his music thanx for all your advice

If you get the phone I would advise getting a 1 or 2 gb micro sd card as well. The internal memory is terrible and limits the functionality of the phone features. If you have a micro sd card he'll be able to stick a few mp3 albums on and take a few more pictures.
I used my E250 until last week when I got the Samsung F210

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thanx for your help
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