Samsung ES55 camera help

    I got this camera for christmas. It worked fine but this morning whilst trying to take pics of the snow it says file error when i try to look back at the pics, so i transferred them to my comp thinking they would still be there but the photos just say corrupt file. i have tried formatting the memory card but that still hasnt worked. can anyone help? thanks.x


    can it take pictures on the internal memory?

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    can it take pictures on the internal memory?corinne

    not tried:oops: will try now

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    aww its working. so does that mean i need a new memory card then?

    If you format the memory card you WILL lose everything on the card.

    Make sure the card is pushed right into the slot.

    Has the camera been in the cold overnight (in a car?) so has it got condenstation inside?.

    If so, allow the camera to warm up to room temperature and dry out.

    Have you a spare memory card you can try to see if it is the camera or the card.

    There is software you can get that will recover photos off a memory card.

    if you have already formatted the card and its still not working it might be u do need a new card, is it an old card or a new one and is it sd or sdhd? as the new cards dont work with all cameras
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