Samsung F210 or Errisson W810i

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Found 28th Dec 2008
What phones better....

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W880 for me.

But depends if you want to spend £30 more. or



And what?

Note to OP. There are plenty of impartial mobile phone review sites out there. Any opinions on here may be either ill-informed or biased.

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could u name a good site....

sorry i meam the W810i not 880i

walkman phone

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walkman phone

yes it is


yes it is

the walkman phone is good for features and in genral is easy to use.

the samsung phone is good for design as its diffrent in design

thats what it mainly comes down to

google thier reviews before you finally decide

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can the F210 be unlocked


can the F210 be unlocked

There are plenty of unlocked ones for sale and plenty of people offering to unlock them so I presume the answer is yes. There must be one of thos little electrical/phone shops near you that you can call tomorrow to ask. They usually charge about £10.

Had the SE W810i for well over 2 years and it was a brilliant phone - one of my all time faves. Highly recommended ;-)
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