Samsung F210 - Unlock Clip - Free Usage - Use it and pass it on!

    hi guys, sorry for the delay in posting this, the unlock clip arrived today and it worked a treat, so as promised, im offering to send this to all hotuk members, use it and pass it along to the next member.

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    There are however a few rules:

    1. Members must have 150 or above posts, this is to stop members joining and requesting use of the unlock clip without putting any effort towards the community. The only exception is "unterwasser" as he/she first posted this offer.
    2. Members MUST send this to the next member by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, First class or Second class that is up to you but MUST be Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. This is so it can be tracked and insured for any loss/damage it might occur during transit.
    3. Please do not use this for financial gain - i have no control of this, so im asking nicely :), If you decide to ignore this, please donate to your favourite charity

    That is all that i ask.

    Unlock Instructions:

    Metal Piece needs to come first:

    Then follow these steps:

    1. Turn off phone and take current Sim card out
    2. Power On Phone
    3. Once Phone Is Turned ON, wait till it says Insert Sim Card
    4. Insert Clip In Phone & Wait 10 Seconds
    5. Phone Will Have Frozen (Dont Worry This Is Normal)
    6. Phone Is Now UNLOCKED
    7. Remove Unlock Clip & Phone Battery & Insert Desired Sim Card

    Just post below asking to use it and the member who currently has the clip will contact by PM to arrange delivery etc etc.

    It takes 10secs to unlock the phone so in theory this can be used and sent out to next member on the same day, of course if time permits, please be swift when posting to next member.

    All the best and Happy New Year

    - grim_reaper

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