Samsung G600- for xmas

    Hi there.
    Im wondering if anyone can help me and find the Samsung G600 on O2 PAYG for less than £230 (thats the cheapest ive found).
    Its for a younger family member that wants it for her christmas as she is not old enough to get a contract phone.

    Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:


    Cheaper than the price you have found…rf=

    use code DISCPR10 and it will workout below £200 with £10 free credit.

    this is not on 02 though.

    but stillworks out better if u use the same code on o2


    £185 delivered on clearance and on O2…BCL

    Does it have to be brand new?

    Original Poster


    Does it have to be brand new?

    I would prefer if it was brand new as it is for her christmas.

    Thanks for the above suggestions and keep them coming in please!

    Cheers, ktid

    Ok because I have a used one that'd be a lot cheaper if you wanted it.

    add it to your contract account

    Very easy to unlock the g600 supposedly - may be worth remembering…rf=

    Found it for £190 on that site. Im surprised they are so cheap lol. Same spec as n95 and quite decent lol. May buy one myself lol


    I wouldn't spend that much if they're under 18, as they'll probably … I wouldn't spend that much if they're under 18, as they'll probably loseit or have it stolen....

    As a 16 year old I can't help but be slightly taken back by that comment...

    To ktid

    Dial-A-Phone Vodafone:…rf=

    £171.99 (Use code DISCPR10)

    Edit: Sorry just noticed you wanted it on O2.

    Why is this phone quite cheap lol

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the offer Av1985 but i would prefer getting it brand new. Looks like i will be buying the phone on O2 from the dialaphone links above, unless anyone has found it cheaper.
    Thanks guys for your help!


    I Have A Brand New G600 Unused On Voda- Can Be Unlocked Easily

    With 12 Months Warranty + All Accessories
    £179 All Yours

    Pm If Interested
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