Samsung G600 on Orange

    Currently £150 on Orange's site, looking for a cheaper deal - online or instore. Can't do contract! Any suggestions on this phone? Or a similar phone cheaper?
    Rep given as always.


    I've previously had the Samsung D500, the D600E and the D900 and whilst they have all been great phones, there are very few noticeable differences between these models.

    My advice would be to avoid Samsung as there are a lot of other phones for around the same price with a much higher specification or alternatively, get a slightly older model for much cheaper and whilst it may not have the same spec as the G600, you'll almost certainly get a lot more value for money.

    I got a reconditioned one you can have for £100.

    I have one locked to orange, graphite grey in colour - great condition only 2 months old have original box charger & unused bluetooth headset could do for £100 delivered via paypal - if your interested let me know & I can post pics.

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    I'm really not up for buying from sellers, would rather buy from stores, but thanks for the offers.
    LightHouseMan, I mostly want the phone for it's 5MP camera, do you know any phones with the same camera cheaper?

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    BUMP - I want to buy this next week.


    I mostly want the phone for it's 5MP camera, do you know any phones with … I mostly want the phone for it's 5MP camera, do you know any phones with the same camera cheaper?

    If it's the camera you want, there's not really very many cheap options out there but if the 5MP camera is the main thing, it might be worth spending a bit more and getting the Nokia N95 8GB because I recently got one of those and it has a Carl Zeiss lense which takes amazing pictures for a mobile and its stacked with other great features

    Alternatively, try looking for a slightly lower megapixel phone but look at the ther specifications of the phone because if you want good pictures, a larger number of megapixels does not necessarily mean better quality pictures

    Best thing to do is to maybe consider buying a phone and a digital camera seperately - it's likely to work out cheaper anyway and although its a bit of a pain carrying two pieces of kit about, there's a lot of small digital cameras out there and you'll find that you get a lot more for your money doing it that way in terms of the quality of pics :-)

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    Me and Nokias don't get along, and they really are WAY too expensive.

    I've already got a 10MP digital camera, but I really don't want to be taking around two pieces of equipment. Cheers for the advice anyway.

    Airey, are prepaymania a good company?


    Airey, are prepaymania a good company?

    Cant say I've used them personally but my cousin bought a phone from them a couple of weeks ago with no problems :thumbsup:

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    That's great, cheers.
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